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Quick and perfect integration into your cPanel and your DirectAdmin server. Today, cPanel is used to create world-class websites. cPanel offers amazing features, a user-friendly interface and a simple and smooth navigation. Now you can register again to get access to the New Site Builders! Website Builder

Web site builders can provide this Web site builder to their end user base, allowing clients to build their own Web sites. provides Site Builder for hosters in over 80 different markets. Website Builder for web hosters and their end user is: - simple to use; - available in 45 different language versions; - has no advertising or concealed charges; - contains more than 200 template files.

  • Professional for hosters (advanced builder features, toolbar customization + whitelabel); install instructions: Append execution privileges to the downloadable installer by running this command: +x.chmod/siteprobuilder; 4. start the installer by running this command:

Ideal Website Builder for your cPanel

Go to the cPanel servers SSH and log in as root. Run the install command: cd ~ && cursorl -s -o spininstall [token]/WHM_cPanel/siteprobuilder > /dev/null && sh spininstall And when the install scripts is complete.... you are done to go. REMARK: Make sure that FTP servers are in idle state. REMARK: Make sure that "FTP Manager" is activated on the WHM system for your clients.

Go to the cPanel servers SSH and log in as root. Run uninstall command:

Nice website is the beginning of everything

Simply choose an stylish style sheet, customise everything and append your text, pictures and video and go to work! Make your website more appealing with full-screen backgrounds and palladium effect by having your clients build the nice sites that are great for their businesses in just a few moments. Because you are our important affiliate, we have very adaptable licensing schemes with discounts that fit you and your company.

Give your clients true added value by giving them a free, easy-to-use Website Builder and letting them build websites they'll really like in a few moments to improve customer loyalty. Build a nice and efficient website without having to write a line of coding. Everyone can use our site customization tool to modify their website designs and contents.

It' s designed to be the rugged instrument that drives our overall businesses. Simply choose the one your clients like from our numerous website submissions. No matter what type of website you need, we have the flawless design for you. Quick and easy to integrate into your cPanel and DirectAdmin servers.

Only a few moments of setup and the plug-in is finished for your clients. Don't put your organization at risks by having your clients switch to another host because you only offer web or domain services. Let them have an easy-to-use website builder free of charge and let them like your web site building services much more.

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