Craigslist Wordpress Theme

The Craigslist Wordpress Theme

Creating a free WordPress classifieds site such as Craigslist Would you like to build a small ad site like Craigslist or Gumtree? You might note that we are big supporters of WordPress CMS. And, as chance would have it, it's simple to build a website with WordPress! This article gives you a step-by-step guide on how to setup a Craigslist small ad site with a free plug-in named Another WordPress Craigslist Classices.

Then in case you want a little different thinking, I will suggest some topics to help you reach a little more prime looking classified ads website. Every good classified ad site needs at least these three key elements: A WordPress classified ad plugin can help you get all these things done.

But the only downside is that, because it's a plug-in, it may or may not look good with your particular theme. Thus if you want a warranty that your classifieds site will look perfectly out of the box, you should skip to the next section where I will give you some topics devoted to establishing a classifieds site. Here are some of the topics you can find in the following section.

An advantage of using a plug-in like this is that it is simple to create classified ads just as part of your website, rather than devoting your whole website to classified ads. In order to start, you need to download and enable another WordPress classified ad plug-in. It is free and included in, so you can download it directly from your WordPress Dashboard:

Once you have activated it, you already have a very simple classified ad page: Optionally, you can use the plug-in to select between free and chargeable offers. Free offers allow anyone to place an ad without having to pay anything. Since this is how websites like Craigslist work, I will resume the tutorial, provided that you want to allow free offers.

However, just know that you can activate your payed offers if you want. In order to make sure that your offers are free, go to classified ads Settings at ? Pay and make sure that the check Charge Listing Fee? checkbox is not checked (this should be the default): However, the plug-in is configured in such a way that it is extremely simple to start.

But if you want to get really fine-grained with the preferences of your website, you can do it here. The next step is to select the category for all your small advertisements. In order to do that, you can go to small advertisements at ? classes. Generate as many catagories as you want. When you want your homepage to show your small advertisements, you have to make the page generated with the plug-in your homepage.

Visitors who wish to place a new classified ad can do so by clicking on the Place ad link. It also sends the ad maker an e-mail with an access key that allows him to process his ad at a later time (if you allow it to be processed, i.e.).

And, as a site administrator, you can administer all the offers on your site by going to small ads ? Listings: You have a WordPress classified ad page. When you need more features, you can also add some of the Another WordPress plugin's advanced features to your WordPress plugin. Topics, as I mentioned earlier, provide a different way to create a classified ad page with WordPress.

Rather than having to include customized styles to make a plug-in look good like another WordPress Classics plug-in, you can be 100% sure that your website will look it. However, the disadvantage is that you have included yourself in your website, which always and forever deals with ranked offers.

Obviously, if you create a website just to present classified advertisements, that probably won't be a problem. If so, view one of these WordPress classified advertisements that list topics. CLASSICPRESS is a favorite classified ad theme for WordPress that makes it simple to take free or paid offers, as well as payed advertisements.

A particularly beautiful thing about the plug-in is that it contains the AJAX auto-complete lookup. If you are looking for a stylish ClassifiedEngine for WordPress, ClassifiedEngine can help you. When you want something that looks a little more sophisticated than websites like Craigslist and Gumtree, it's a good one. SiteMile WordPress Classified Ads Theme is a beautiful blend of contemporary and classical Craigslist looks.

And it has built-in commercials for commercials and beautiful image-based classes. As with ClassiPress, WordPress offers a $69 price for a single-user licence for WordPress Certified Ad Theme. No matter whether you want to build a free small ad site like Craigslist, Gumtree or FreeCycle, or a site that offers paid ad (or both!), these plug-ins and topics can help you get the work done.

The reason I chose another WordPress Classifieds plugin for the Tutorial was because I really like the way it provides an extraordinarily fine setup window and is still simple to use. I can' say I resent you. If you' re looking for a starting point to fill your classifieds site with bids, you can use the WP RSS Aggregator to include bids from other websites to get a good database of contents.

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