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They are used to provide you with a better web surfing environment and to analyse our visitors. It is also used by us to provide information about our users to our affiliates. In order to use our website, you must agree to the storage of cookie in your web browsers. Kindly be aware that we assume full compliance with all our cookie requirements.

It is not possible to just allow some cookie types. When you withdraw your permission, we use our cookie in your web browsers so that it expires and a verification page is displayed. On this page you will learn about our guidelines for collecting, using and disclosing personally identifiable information when using our service and the options you have with that information.

Personally Identifiable InformationPersonally identifiable information is information about a person who is alive that can be personally identifiable from that information (or that information and other information that is either in our possession or likely to be in our possession). User information is information that is gathered by automated means, either through the use of the service or by the service itself (e.g., the length of a page view).

The data controller Data controller is the individual or entity who (alone or together or together with other persons) defines the object and the way in which data of a personal nature are or are to be treated. We are the owner of the data processing of your individual-related data for the aims of this data protection declaration.

Processor (or service provider) means any entity or body which handles the information on the authority of the controller. In order to be able to process your personal information more efficiently, we can use the various service providers. For the purposes of this policy, the affected party (or user) is any live entity that uses our service and is the object of personal information.

It collects different kinds of information for different uses in order to make our services available to you and enhance them. When using our services, we may ask you to supply us with certain personal information that can be used to establish contacts or identification with you ("personal information"). We may use your personal information, with your consent, to send you e-mail updates, advertising or sales material, and other information that may be of interest to you.

us may also gather information about how the service is viewed and used ("usage data"). These usage records may contain information such as the IP protocol of your computer (e.g. IP address), your web browsing preferences, the types of browsers you use, the versions of browsers you use, the pages of our service you access, the times and dates of your visits, the length of your visits to these pages, uniquely identifiable devices, and other identifying information.

While we use cookie and similar technology to keep track of activities on our service, we store certain information. A cookie is a file with a small amount of information that may contain a pseudonym with a clear identification. A website sends a cookie to your web-browser and stores it on your computer. We also use other types of technology such as tagging, scripting and beaconing to gather and keep tabs on information and to help us better and analyze our services.

Your can set your web browsers to reject all types of cookies or to indicate when a particular type of Cookie is being sent. If you do not receive all cookies, however, you will not be able to use our service. Some examples of our cookies: Plenty of session hooks. Sessions are used to run our service. preferential cooking.

Preference cookie is used to save your preference and various setting. Safety cookie. We use secure cookie for your use. Promotional cookie. Promotional cookie are used to provide you with advertising that may be of relevance to you and your interests. If we need to store and use your personal information to fulfill our statutory duties (e.g. to keep your information to conform to current laws), we will store and use it to help us settle any dispute and implement our statutory arrangements and guidelines.

User information is generally kept for a short term unless this information is used to enhance your safety or enhance the service's features, or we are required by law to keep this information for a longer term. We may transfer your information, personal information included, to a computer outside your state, county, state, or other government altruism, and keep it where privacy legislation may differ from your own.

When you are outside of Canada and submit information to us, please be aware that we transmit and use the information, which includes personally identifiable information, to Canada. While we may share personally identifiable information in certain instances, we will specifically describe it to you when we gather the information and with your explicit permission, such as in the terms of a competition or new game.

If, for example, we share your personally identifiable information with a sponsoring company, we will share that information when you register for the competition so that you can choose whether or not to participate. You will be informed before your personally identifiable information is transmitted and will be governed by a different privacy policy.

We care about the safety of your personal information, but please keep in mind that no means of transfer over the web or any means of storing it electronically is 100% safe. Although we endeavour to use economically viable means to safeguard your personal information, we cannot ensure its complete safety. In order to modify your personal information preferences with our service, please read the â???Howâ?? section of this guide to modify your cookies settingsâ??.

When you reside in the European Economic Area (EEA), you have certain privacy laws. Please do not hesitate to get in touch with us if you would like to be notified of what personal information we have stored about you and if you would like this to be deleted from our system. Under certain conditions, you have the following privacy rights:

Wherever possible, you can directly retrieve, refresh or delete your personally identifiable information from your preferences. They have the right to contradict our treatment of your person-referential dates. They have the right to require that we limit the treatment of your person-related dates. Right to transferability.

If you have a complaint about the use of your personal information, you have the right to lodge it with a privacy inspector. Please consult your nearest European Economic Area (EEA) privacy office for further information. However, we may hire third parties and individual users to help us deliver our requested level of performance ("Service Providers"), deliver the requested level of performance on our behalf, deliver service-related products or help us analyze your use of the Website.

Such third persons have on our account the right to obtain your personal data only in order to carry out these functions and are obliged not to pass them on or use them for other purposes. Third providers are used by us to track and analyze the use of our services. is a web analysis tool provided by Google that monitors and notifies traffic to the website.

We use the information we collect to keep tracking and monitoring your use of our service. Your information will be passed on to other Google service providers. We may use the information we collect to contextualize and personalize our ad serving to you. To unsubscribe from the Google Analytics service, you can install the Google Analytics web analytics add-on.

Adds a Googlealytics JavaScript (ga. js, analytics. js, analyzetics. js, and od. js) add-on to prevent Google analytics from associating visitor behavior information with Google Analytics. Third parties are used by us to show you ads that help you provide and administer our services. An Adzerk is an ad serving company, provided that we use it to administer our ads.

Google, as a third provider, uses Google Analytics Web site services to deliver advertisements. Google and its partners' use of the DoubleClick Cookie allows us to offer our visitors advertisements resulting from visits to our service or other sites on the web. These third parties use our ad networks to use our third parties to place advertisements on our service.

You and your affiliates will be able to place advertisements with our advertisers from your use of our services or other sites on the web. Both we and our third parties use cookie technology to notify, optimize and deliver advertisements resulting from your previous use of our services. The Google AdWords marketing services are offered by Google Inc.

We also recommend that you install the Google Analytics Opt-out Browsers Add-on - com/dlpage/gaoptout - for your web browsers. The Google Analytics Opt-out Browsers Add-on gives users the opportunity to opt-out of having their information gathered and used by Google Analytics.

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