Create a Blogspot website

To create a Blogspot website

The Blogger provides a free website. You will need a Gmail account. Creating a free Blogspot blog[6 simple beginner steps].

Launching a blogs is the BEST present you can make every single year. Not only does a Blog allow you to communicate, exchange your knowledge and make supporters, it also allows you to make a fair living through your it. So if you are new to blogs and wonder how to get a free one, this post will show you how to create a free blogs on (Google's own free blogs platform). is Google's very own free blogsite or site where you can create a free blogspot with the sub-directory ( e.g. ) or you can buy a recommended website to have your own website (e.g. Launching a blogs on is free and simple to start.

Google owns the site, so you have that confidence and credit. Although there are many free blogs like, Weebly, Tumblr, is the winning of them all when it comes to giving you complete liberty and the functions on offer. With Google AdSense and other tools such as online advertising, you can monetise your blogs slightly, unlike other sites.

Let's see how you can launch your own blogs with our step-by-step instructions. Step 1: To begin, go to and you will be welcomed with a nice landing page that asks you to create a free Blog. Being a Google affiliate, lets you create a free online blogspace by logging into your favorite Gmail affiliate with ease.

Once you've signed in, you'll be prompted to use Blogs as your Google plus standard profile or if you want to proceed with a restricted Blogsger. com Profiles. My recommendation is that you select the former for additional advantages such as linking your blogs to your Google plus SCP. Click the "Create your blog" icon again on the next page to start your first blogs.

STEP 2: In the next window, you can pick a specific website for your blogs. If you don't know, the Domainname is an email that allows users all over the globe to visit your website. Pick a brief domainname that is pertinent to your blogs theme. This is a full tutorial on how to pick the best domains for your blogs.

Step 3: Once you've created your own blogs, it's your turn to improve their exposure to popular browsers and improve their usability. Simply click on the "Preferences" button and you can optimise your blogs as described below: Check out this HubSpot Blogs manual to learn how to spell an efficient meta-description.

In this section you can optimise your homepage and the way it looks in your preferences for individual posts. This section will help you optimise your blogs for searching machines. You' ll be writing a good review of your blogs here. It will be displayed in searching machines and attracts the reader to your blogs. If a person lands on your site via a non-existent web address, you can send them a notice that the page does not actually exist.

When someone refers to one of your postings or pages and you remove that page or refer to a fake nonexistent url, you can use this checkbox to reroute all these background URLs to a specific page. If you are, however, interested in optimizing your robot. If you are interested in custom robot headers and custom robot tag, you can read our Tutorials.

STEP 4: Now, in this section, we will work on the design of our own Blogsuite. Bloogger already has a number of free plugins that are easy and straightforward. But if you want to choose a different style of blogs submission, you can simply go to Google and get it. But for the purposes of this paper, we will opt for the standard Blogsheet. also allows you to create your own logotype for your own website logotype. They can create a basic logotype themselves using a free utility like Canva. One of the most annoying features of the site is the ability to navigate through the pages at the top of each page, with unsubscribe and visiting hyperlinks to other sites.

My recommendation is to remove it because it looks nasty and also makes your readers go to the other posts via the next one. Giadgets are small prefabricated pieces of coding that will help you include various features in your favorite newsletters. When you want to create a customized widget for your Blogger, you will find small links labeled "Add widget" when you choose the "Layout" checkbox.

" When you click them, standard Blogs geradgets open and you can select which ones to include. Now you have a free of charge professionally designed blogs on The next thing you need to do is post articles and pages that increase your web site visitor rate. STEP 5: If you are puzzled, articles and pages are virtually the same, except that pages are usually consistent dates that are seldom modified or up-dated.

That means that you can use pages to create your About the Site, the Data Protection Statement, the Legal Notice page and any other information that will always remain the same. You can create limitless postings and only 20 pages on Blogger. Your info page will probably be the most popular page on your blogs, because every person who visits you wants to find out who you are, what your missions are, and what they can look for in your blogs.

Then you can discuss a little about your blogs and what kind of issues your reader can ask of them. And if you provide a service or are open to doing dealings, it is also good to list them here and provide links to additional pages that you will create for them.

They are important pages that you should create before you start your public blogs or apply for monetisation programmes such as AdSense. The pages can be simply built or produced without much experience. Learn how to create your own data protection statement and footer in just a few clicks. Now' s the right moment to post something you want your readers to see on your blogs.

They can be subjects you have knowledge of or catchwords you want to be ranked for when folks look for them on Google. You' ll end up in an editorial where you can type your article, give it a headline, upload pictures and even links to other pages in your blogs, or publish references on the Internet.

It' s similar to what you do in MS Word or Google Doc, so it won't be difficult for you. Here however are some hints on optimizing your Blogspot article for better search engine optimization and ranking. At least 5 postings are recommended before I start your public or shared your blogs with other people.

An acceptable number of blogs will give your users a sufficient understanding of what your blogs will look like and what they can ask of them. Getting a free blogs started would certainly be a little bit tricky without a monetisation Tutorial for your BlogSpot-Blogs. This is how to make your blogging with Adsense money.

Notice: There are infinite ways you can make extra revenue from your blogs, such as offering service, reselling product, merchandising, affiliate branding, etc., but they are outside the framework of this item. You can, however, view our full listing of monetisation methodologies here. If you have at least a respectable number of blogs and a good audience, you can definitely use Google AdSense to make cash on your Blogspot Blog.

It' easy to sign up for AdSense and get permission via your Blogs Panelashboard. In order to promote AdSense via, go to your personal Dashboard, click on "Revenue" and click on AdSense promote. As I have written a demonstration blogs for this example, it is not yet suitable for AdSense.

But if you have all the necessary pages and a few contributions, you can successfully get permission. You have now finished your course to create a free Blog on Hopefully you launch your own free blogs, gather first hands experiences in blogs and make some cash for your monetary liberty.

You can then always move your Blog to the self-hosted WordPress Blocks to get more power over your own Website and more room for its expansion.

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