Create a Blogspot website free

Build a free Blogspot website

Share your passions in your own way. Blogsger belongs to Google, so you need a Google Account to create a website on the Blogspot. Post a post/article on the Blogspot website. Do you already have a website, so why a blog? Indeed, writing articles in a blog may seem boring, but it might be more beneficial than you think.

Creating a free website on BlogSpot

These guidelines will help you to create a free website on Blogspot, you do not have to buy domains and web hosting any more. Blog Spot is a free website creation and maintenance service that allows you to create and maintain a website owned by Google, so you don't have to deal with downtime and other problems.

In addition, there are tons of free blogger layouts that you can use to give your website a polished look. Let's begin with a step-by-step tutorial on how to create a free website. If you don't have an affiliate ID and your login code, you can create one for free by clicking on the "Login" icon in the upper right hand corner, as shown in the following screenshots.

Blogsger is part of Google, so you need a Google account to create a website on the Blogspot. It' time to create a new website, click the New Blog icon. At this stage, you must specify the site heading and your website adress. When you want to base a website on a book, then the adress ( it's also known as the domain name and website URL) could be or and the track could be Best IT Book Blog.

Please note that since these domains are free, they are supplemented by by default. With, you can also create your own name. Blogspot, also gives us the opportunity to have user-defined domains, and we'd see how we can later in this manual create user-defined domains. Your domainname must be unambiguous, so that it is possible that the desired domainname is already known.

If this is the case, you will need to try a different domainname until the check mark appears on the right side of the address box, as shown below. As soon as it's done, select a style sheet (at this point you can select any style sheet that you can modify later, we'll show you how) and click Create Blog!

With the completion of stage 4 you successfully own a free website. Type the web site name in the web browsers and hit return. You' re presented with a website that belongs to you! At first you may not like the look and feel, but we haven't yet completed the tutorial, we'll show you every way to optimize your website to make it look good and professionally.

Now that you have successfully built a website on the Blogspot, you can begin publishing items on your new website. If you click Submit, you'll be prompted to post the contents to Google+, which you might want to do because it would be a good resource for visitors to your recreated website.

In Blogspot?, select the permission link you want to use. User-defined permalink: Select the user-defined permission link in the side bar as shown in the following screen shot and enter the value. Select the one you like, click the Apply Template button located under each of the templates in the library. As an alternative, there are many sites from which you can free of charge down load the beloved and good looking website templates.

Some of these websites will be published in the next section. Navigate to My BlogS " Backup/Restore tab to find a backup/restore icon, click on it as shown in the followingumbnail. The next screen prompts you to search for a new preset, or you can simply upload the current preset to your computer and find free preset outside of Blogger:

Unless you can find a matching website submission in the Blogsgers libary, you can get the free submissions from the website - http://btemplates. com/, or you can find your own free Blogspot submissions by looking for "Free Blogger Submission" on Google. Choose the pattern and get the zipped version from the website.

Extracts the zipped files, in the extracts directory you will find an extracted format in XML, this is the one you would need to upload the templates to Blogspot. After clicking the Backup/Restore icon, as shown in the above image, you will be taken to the bottom of the page. Here you can upload the original image and search the entire document and click Upload to upload the new image.

Select a quadratic picture with a smaller than 100 kilobytes resize and load it up. When you click the Add a Gadget button located in the layouts area, a pop-up appears where you can search and insert a gadget. We have seen above how we select a free Blogspot site that has been provided with a Blogspot password, but if you wish, you can buy a customized site of your choosing and under " Settings " Base click on it.

When you click Join a user-defined Domainname, enter the name of the Domainname you purchased. Live visitor tracking for your website. It will help you to increase the amount of your website's internal visitors. This can be quite a new thing for you if you are a novice! robots.txt is a recommended files from a web-server.

I' m just hiding this up here to let you know where you can work on your robot. text files if needed. Allows you to modify your current HTML templates by going to the " Modify HTML Area Preferences " tab. Now you can begin to blog and as soon as you begin to get a reasonable amount of traffic to your website, you can immediately sign up for adSense via your Blogspot Dashboard.

I' m sure that you will be able to create a free website by following the above step-by-step instructions, I wish you good fortune for your new website.

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