Create a new Template in Wordpress

To create a new template in Wordpress

But if you only want to make a few small changes to the way certain pages are set up, it might be an overstatement to create a completely new template. This is a tutorial: Creating a custom page template in Genesis I' ve already done some writing about how to create a template for a user-defined post-type archives....

I' ll show you in this Tutorial how to create a Genesis customized page template that emphasizes a specific categories or taxes from your WordPress page. You are relatively new to WordPress file processing (or have no previous developer experience).

You are not using a website that runs on the Genesis Framework (although you may adopt the general approach here and use it on a non-Genesis site). Make a page with all the greaties that a WordPress page brings with it, and at the end add a listing of contributions that belong to a specific categorie.

Let's assume, for example, that I have a page named Generesis Oil Business with some contents. Let's also say I have a section named GeneresisOfficeHours ( slow = genesis-office-hours ) that summarizes the weekly post. Now I want to create a customized page template that can be used on my Generation Study Exchange page, which also contains an archived list of all contributions in my Generation Study Exchange group.

You' probably wonder why I don't use the built-in Genesis class archivesettings. You can find them by going to Contributions > Categories page > Categories page and selecting the Edit Kategorie page that looks like this: Not only does it add an archives heading and archives Introtext to a categorys archives, but I want more because I'm avid.

I' d like to keep the comfort of the mail editors and add some user-defined boxes for the articles in the categories album. I' ve already made a page, along with a section that has a few contributions. Until then, my site used the standard template, as you can see here:

As soon as we have completed this stage, we will modify the template on our site. Create/name your template files. With the WordPress Codex on Custom Page Templates as a guideline, we create a new document and name it with an easy to identify name. As this is a page template that I will use for Genesis Office Hours, I will call my officehours-template.php. to bypass it.

Include a user-defined sweep that executes in parallel to the main side sweep. Here is the source I use for my own page template. '; cho ''; cho ''; cho ' . '...get_the_title() . "Display target="_blank">notes'; cho''; endhile; wp_reset_postdata(); genesis(); First, notice that I'm not deleting the initial notion.

Next, I have a request that pulls contributions from the categories Genesis-Office-hours and sorts them according to the date of posting. Then I run through all the contributions I' ve retrieved in the prompt and print a few selected items onto the canvas. I take a user defined box in line 27 and use it to create some string.

Continue and have your template customised as you wish. Store your files and up-load them. Include your user-defined template in your site's current topic directory (a subfolder within the current topic directory also works). Don't up-load your template to the Genesis directory because it will be deleted the next Genesis upgrade - use your current subordinate topic directory instead.

Enter the editing page for each page that you want to use your own page template. In this Page Attributes submenu, use the drop-down box to choose your customized page template. You don't see your template in the dropdown lists? Make sure you checked your template into the correct folder in the last stage.

Want to learn more about how you can customise Genesis children's topics? Customise designs with Genesis for WordPress.

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