Create a website

To create a website

The majority of customers will expect to be able to find your business on the Internet. This project-based course* lets you design, create, and publish a basic Web site that includes text, sound, images, hyperlinks, plug-ins, and social media interactivity. All you need to get started: Watch our tutorials to learn how to do it. We will also show you how to use certain tools or systems to create your website.

Creating a website in a weekend! Course (Project related course)

Which you will achieve: Create, create, and publicize a core Web site that includes text, audio, pictures, hyperlinks, plugins, and collaborative interaction. We offer a step-by-step guide, tutorials, hints and utilities to help you create a domainname, create an appealing page lay-out, organise your contents correctly, make sure your website works well on different OS's and portable equipment, keep your website secure and ultimately let everyone know that your website is out there.

During the whole course you will participate in course boards and peak reviews in cooperation and discussions with other students. As soon as you've completed your first website with Wordpress, you can move on to our optionally enhanced modul that includes more sophisticated technologies such as using a basic text editor, programming in HTML, JavaScript and more.

All you need to get started: It is a project-based course for students who have little or no previous knowledge of website development. We use Wordpress to help you get up and running, providing many sample downloads and guiding you through the processes of delivering and accepting design peer-to-peer feedbacks. Via project-related courses:

Pro project-centered training sessions are structured to help you get a personal, significant practical experience out of a hands-on experience, with your trainer and a fellowship of students with similar objectives giving advice and proposals along the way. Through the active application of new learning approaches, you will be able to manage course contents more effectively and have a competitive edge in using the acquired abilities to make a difference in your lives and careers.

By the time you finish the course, you will have a completed and proudly used and passed on work.


To define it, a blogsite is a kind of website that displays the latest contents at the top of the page. You can also have a blogs as part of a website with several pages. A standard blogsetup shows your home page your latest postings. They can also create a fixed home page to look like a conventional website.

Here is more about the differences between contributions and pages. A lot of blog's have one or two pages, one for contributions and the other for an "About me" section. As an example, a hospitality website might need pages for "Menu", "Locations" and "Contact". A widget is a funky word for a tool or piece of information that you can view in the side bar of your website.

It is also possible to create a Contacts page to allow your reader to get in touch with them without having to provide your own e-mail adress.

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