Create a website using Wix

Building a website with Wix

The Wix killer drag and drop editor lets you create your web pages. is a free online tool that allows you to create a website. Create your website with the Wix-Editor. That's why we've put together a list of examples of unique websites with WIX.

Wix creates some of them, while others are created by third parties.

Creating a unique website without code with WIX

Today, if you run any kind of store, you need a website - even if your store is not run on-line. A website not only legitimizes your company in the eye of your client(s), it also provides a way for them to find your company at all.

Luckily, such sites are easily created as long as you keep things straight. Everything you need is a free website build utility like the one from Wix. Extensive library of template files. This is a professionally designed template that offers more than 500 different layout options. Backend administration utilities are straightforward to use, even if you've never created a website before.

Incorporate third-party applications for additional website functionality: web site chatsupport, e-mail gathering for newsletters, e-commerce cart, etc. You' ll need to recreate your website if you ever choose to modify them. A few template may have portable, easy-to-use smartphone layout, but not all. A few template files don't recognize the differences between a desktops computer and at...

Wix server contains all your website information. So if the business ever shuts down your bank or if the business goes missing over night, your information goes with it. Wix is great if you have no previous website creation and maintenance expertise. It' s a flat learning-out curve, and as long as the site doesn't get a lot of exposure, it will be more than good.

Would you like to create a Wix site? Please browse the Wix website and click on Login in the upper right corner. Please type in your e-mail adress and your passwort when asked. But you may want to create with your Facebook or Google accounts, which can bring safety advantages. When you are logged in, go to your Wix Membershipashboard and click Create Your Website.

First thing is to choose what kind of website you are creating. Selecting here will help you limit the huge Wix library of Wix submissions to those that are most pertinent to you. Scroll through all your categories. If you move the mouse over a temple, you can watch it (live previews of a demonstration site) or edit it (confirm selection).

When you click Edit a style sheet, you will be taken to the Wix Website Editor utility. To create another page, simply click on +Add page at the bottom of the page listing. Most important are saving (save changes to template), previewing (see what your website looks like) and publishing (commit and go public).

If you have a different domainname and want to use it for your website, use Connect domain. Tool - Enables or disables various symbol bars throughout the entireditor. For example, it is useful if you need to choose an item that is behind one of the editors. Change your favorite editors - See what your templates look like on desktops and mobiles.

The best thing to do is to first toy with the background and the Append menu: dragging items, adding new ones, deleting what's there and trying to restore it using the toolbar s on the right and on the background, etc. When your website is ready, click Preview. The Wix Website Editor is then set to preview modus, which shows you what your website looks like for external people.

You can also toggle between desktops and mobiles in preview view as well. However, your website stays off-line until you post it, which you can do by right click on Post at the top. You' ll get the address of your now open website and can begin to share it with your buddies and your relatives!

Please be aware that after you publish your site, you may make and store changes to your pages, but the changes will not take effect until you click Publish again. Domainname is a cost-effective but efficient way to further legitimate your website. Do you have a domainname about a non-Wix-Registrar?

If you are modifying your website, go to Site > Connect Domains. If you are asked to do so, click Connect a domain that you already own. Please type in youromainname. Please fill in the data of your domainname registration. Unless you know what it is, you can look it up on your registered trademark registrar's website. Verify the link to the domainname.

Allow 24 to 72 hrs for the Internet's DNA credentials to update and your website can now be accessed by your users through youromainname. Do you have other website builder preferences?

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