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Are you finally satisfied with the little treats of the design in the template? Now' s the time to export your new design and install it on your Blogger page. Make it happen! Kulvir Singh, CEO of (Indian Movies Online Database).

Customize blog themes for WordPress and Blogger

Providing convincing contents that will make your reader come back is only half the story of a great blogs. To create a truly original look, skip the pre-built designs for your blogs platforms and instead customise your own one. Certain utilities can help you create customized designs and need very little knowledge of HTML, JavaScript, PHP, and CSS. However, there are some that do not...

View the following utilities to create your own customized blogs topic for two top blogs platforms: WorldPress and Blogger. You can find hundreds of ready-made topics on the web for WordPress. While some are free on websites like WordPress themed, others levy a one-time commission on websites like that. However, a user-defined design can give your blogs an added twist, and creating one for WordPress is easy with CSSEZ.

You will need this login to store and retrieve your design. You can click the "Create Now" icon in the middle of the page or the "Create" page at the top of the page, both of which are in the topic building state. You will be redirected to a template shell with wildcard text for the various side bars, bodies, badges and tabbed pages for your blogs.

Perform these procedures to start with a currently custom design. Saving and downloading. Once you are done, click "Save and Download". "CSSEZ WordPress then creates a . zipped archive for you. Press the pushbutton "Download themesZIP file " and load your downloaded game. Unzip the data on your computer and name the directory with a name you will recall.

In this example we call it "CSSEZ themme 1. Locate the subdirectory "wp-content/themes" - made by WordPress - and load the files there. After uploading, you can reinstall your design by (a) going to your WordPress administrator, (b) clicking the Presentation tabs, and (c) selecting the "CSC Topic 1". When is too detailed and you want a very nude attack, try WordPressme Generator.

WordPress 2 is supported. From 1 to 3. 1 topics and is interoperable with all popular web browser. This can help you create a WordPress topic in a few easy steps. Visit WordPress themme generator. Or, select an imagery instead of text for your blogs by typing the imagery address to use.

When you want a side bar to the right and right of your text, choose the sizes of the pillars, expressed in pixel. Choose "No sidebar" if you do not want a vertical bar and "No additional column" if you do not want a vertical bar.

Once you've exited the side bar, you can customise the way your catagories and tab pages appear on the monitor and even adding tab pages at the top of your page. More than a dozen dropdown lists let you adjust the colour of your typefaces, type style and the behavior of the page with pointers and more.

WorPress themme generator creates a . zipped archive for you. Click on the pushbutton "Download topic of ZIP file" and load your data. Unzip the data on your computer and name the folders with a name you will recall. In this example we call it "Test Theme". Locate the subdirectory "wp-content/themes" - generated by WorldPress - and load the data from there.

After uploading, go to your WordPress Admin, click the Presentation tabs and choose Test Topic to get your design installed. As with WordPress topics, there are tens of thousands of free and premier ready-made Blogger template files in stores like BlogThemes Plus, which contain both free and one-time paid topics, or BloggerTemplatesFree, which concentrates on free Blogger template files.

But with a utility like doesTemplate you can create a relatively user-defined blogs look for free and without any skills of coding, scripting or using css. Look through the ready-made template choices and find one that is generally near your preferred layouts. Please click on the miniature image of this template. Only the last detail of your blogs can be customized from this utility.

Then click the "Customize and Download" icon at the top of the bigger picture of your template. You will be redirected to a custom page where you can click on the area marked in gold and change the items it contains. By clicking the heading, you can customise this area with more versatility than any other subsection on your page.

Load user-defined graphs, modify coverage, hide and place text in the headline. "Then click Layout and adjust the font styles, text colors, left, and right titles. When you click the bottom of your template, you' ll be able to modify the wallpaper colour, resize, link behaviour and more. As soon as the template is finished, a new icon will appear with the text "Download your template".

" If you click on this icon, the downloading will start automatic. In DoTemplate, you create a . zip file with all the template information saved in the . zip file. Next, unzip the file from the Zip file and store it. In order to add the new design to your Blogger user interface, please complete the following installation procedure.

Sign in to your Blogger login. Navigate to the dashboard, click the Layout Tab, and then click the Edit HTML Buttons. Please load the blogger page "xml" from the extract directory you stored during unpacking. Next you need to relocate the pictures of your template, because will only temporarily relocate the pictures and then erase them.

In Picasa, load all your pictures from the home directory onto the Extract directory you made when you unpacked Picasa. You will find the directory "css" in the root directory "images". Go back to Blogger and on the Edit HTML page in your dashboard you were on, find the correct HTML for each picture and substitute it with your new Picasa URL. Once you've done that, you'll be able to edit the HTML for your Picasa picture.

HTML clearly indicates which part of the blogs is associated with which part of the web site, with rows like "Background Picture URL".

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