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It' s incredibly easy to start using Blogger because it takes you step-by-step through the process of creating your website. one-stop shop solution Make a nice blog to communicate your passions with the rest of the family. Launch your free evaluation version today. No matter whether you present a product range, publish a blog or run a company, our design template has proved to be the best way to present your idea on-line. A blog is the centre of your on-line brand.

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It seems that all we ever talk about is Wordpress, but don't let it be forgotten that you have choices when you choose a blog publishing platforms. There are 40 free ways to get going. GreatestJournal. com - Built on the same LiveJournal application, it provides free voicemail, 1GB Photohosting and room for up to 2,000 symbols. - Another site powered by the Danga LiveJournal operating Danga application provides free and prepaid account services, prepaid services are just improvements. JorunalFen. net - Operates on the Danga-Plattform, very strongly focused on various "fandoms" (e.g. Harry Potter, various TV shows) and is intended for 18 year olds and older.

LiveJournal. com - One of the most famous bloggers. Provides various kinds of accounts such as advertising-financed and payed. - A website devoted to card integrated tourist logs and more. - A Videos Blogsite. - A blog page designed specifically for your text messaging and pictures from mobile phones.

Free Blog - Developed for free online videoblogging. - Create and publish your travel blog. Vfem. com - Blogsite specifically for female bloggers. Provides several topics and plug-ins. World Count - A new and challenging reporting style. - Provides multi-template, anti-spam, free subdomain and more. - Works on WordPress and provides 50 megabytes of free storage capacity on-line. - This Irish site uses the WordPress MU framework, a wide selection of topics. <font color="#ffff00" size=14> ; - WordPress provides powerful tools for education </ font> ; welcome> ;. - Provides free blog posting with unrestricted bandwith for their free subscription plan, more advantages for members paying.

Blogs - All blog posts appear both on the top line and on your own blog. - A great home page to get an impression of how to blog, very simple to use. - Allows you to blog, post pictures and video, and podcast. - Updated version of the - Updated version of the - Provides free photohosting in addition to free blog posts. - Blogsite with tools like chatboxes so you can communicate with your readership. - Lets you create a blog site and even open it for collaborating. - Free blog posting with RSS and more. - Free blog posting and offering free blog posting template, friend only postings, IP banning and more. com - Located in Europe you can create all types of sites incl. a blog.

Multiply. com - Mixes blogging and community networks, with picture gallery and more. - Free blog and web page for personal or commercial viewing with 2 GB of space. OutDoor - Offers limitless space and contributions, low subscriptions for enhanced functionality. The ShoutPost. com - A blog creation tool with a main emphasis on generate revenue.

Might be the blogsite for you. - Allows you to create your blog with multiple topics, also allows you to include other functions of the site. - Provides a blog and functions such as an embedded shop. - Fully featured blog and forums that allow the two to discuss seamlessly.

Tumorr. com - A blog plattform with the main emphasis on media-rich articles. - Allows you to create a website and blog, free web site hosting and design changes during runtime. Windows Live Spaces - Free blogs with your MSN accounts, only the disadvantage is that your reader must also have an MSN area. - Part of the SixApart suite of blogsites, very strongly focused on the personality type of blog journals. - part free of charge, part free of charge, part free of charge. - Free blog posting with 250 megabytes of free space.

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