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You use SEO themes because SEO Best Practice creates them. Creating a Blogger Template As one of the many Blogger who have registered for a free Blogger subscription, you may be interested in how you can create your own Blogger templates instead of using some of the free templates that are available now. There are four simple tasks in this tutorial to help you create your own custom templates.

To create your own Blogger templates, you need to know the fundamentals of Cascading Style Sheets (CSS). That' because the Blogger submission is based on style sheet layout, so you can only properly place text, images, and other items in your submission if you know and use the right style sheet layout.

Creating your own templates is as simple as not beginning from zero, but download one of the many free templates available on the web and then make it your own. Items in the Blogger style sheet that you want to customize: When you find each of these items within an already created pattern and adapt it to your needs, it will be simple to create your own pattern in no time.

After you' ve adjusted the most important parts of your Blogger submission above, there are still a large number of customizable stylesheet items that you can use to further adjust them and create your own. Figure - The HTML style sheet allows you to modify the figure margins room and cushioning, the backdrop colour, the overall figure fonts sizes and other items of the entire figure of the blogs.

H1, H2, etc.... - These are the different feeds you will use in your blogs. You use these parts of the original to specify the border, upholstery, colour, and text sizes for each headstyle. For each of these items, you can specify the heights of each row, the borders, the fill, and the listing styles (for lists).

Allows you to specify the colour and other properties of your link in your blogs. Implementation Guide (IMG) - Specify the properties of imbedded pictures and picture shortcuts. One of the strengths of using CSS within XML Blogger templates is that you can specify the entire layout and layout of your blogs in this one single document with your own HTML signature.

That' s why you never have to bother with reformatting when you write your blogs, because all the reformatting work is done through your submission. When scrolling down in your basic style sheet, in additional to the items above, you can also see that the above items are repeating.

The reason for this is that different parts of your blogs may have different formats. You might for example find a section called "#menu", "#posted", "#content" or something else that specifies a specific section of the blogs that requires reformatting information. In this way, you can specify different font styles, headings, borders, and other preferences for section items such as your menus, posts, side bars, and other blogs items.

If you are going to learn how to create a Blogger style sheet, you may be trying to include contents in your style sheet. It is important to keep in mind, however, that a submission is not a place for stationary contents (e.g. the name of your blog). This information is all contained in the page items that you specify in your Blogger Account.

By downloading a free Blogger style sheet that you can use as a point of departure, all these parameters are downloaded auto-loading by scripts, so you' re resisting the need to type either text or blogs directly into the style sheet. Keep in mind - the templates are only for your blogs to format, not to add to!

While there are some cases where you will be asked to paste your own coding directly into your submission, e.g. for Google Adsense, most of the times you will be adding widgets to your blogs via the Blogger GUI once you have your basic submission up and running. The most important thing is that even if you've never wrote a line of HTML in your lifetime, anyone can still find out how to change an already created style sheet, and you'll finally know what the HTML and HTML mean, and how they influence the look and feel of your blogs.

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