Create free Mobile website with own Domain name

Free mobile website with your own domain name

Create a domain name that is easy to type and remember. Choose an appropriate domain name extension. It'll look good on trays and cell phones. Bring your website to life by adapting the mobile, optimized design to your personal brand. Generate an identity with a free domain name.

High price of "Free."

Christopher Heng's high price of "Free", I recently got an e-mail from a user who asked if he could create a website without purchasing a domain name. On the way, this paper tries to resolve a misconception about the creation of sites that usually accompanied such a query.

Based on the way my visitors asked the questions, he probably did this after writing the How to Create / Launch a Website and possibly also How much Does It Costs to Setup a Website? Unless you have already reread these essays, you should at least refer to the Beginner's Guide, as this paper suggests that you have a good understanding of what "domain names" and "web hosts" mean.

If you don't have a domain name, what happens? Several web hosting companies, mainly free web hosting companies, allow you to create a website even if you don't have a domain name. They create a sub-domain, which they link to your website. If your webhost is "", for example.

you can create a sub- domain named "" that you can use for your website. Users who enter "" end up on your website. There is no need to purchase such a sub-domain name because you do not own it; the web hosting company has "" and can create and remove any sub-domain.

It is a tremendous expense associated with non-payment for a domain name. Today, what you are saving in Pennys, you repay later in Pound (and perhaps with the whole lifetime of your website). It' a known fact among experienced site managers that free web hosting closes with great regularity.

Google, for example, has recently shut down its Google Page Creator services. Yahoo Geocities is one of the oldest and probably best known free webhosts. These are just the well-known web hosting companies run by well-known companies. Every year a free web hosting is shut down, websites hosting on those web hosting providers vanish forever.

Webmaster of these pages can't say, hey, no problems, I'll just move my page to a new webhost and keep my webadress. You are owned by the proprietor of, which is your webmaster. The only thing I have to do is go to another free web hosting and get a new web location like ''.

As soon as I have published a back-up of my data to this adress, I am ready to go. Losing your old web site means losing all your frequent, faithful visits, bookmarking your site and returning often to find new information. Seriously, do you think they'll expect you to switch to a new web hosting and browse the web for your new adress?

Web sites are constantly disappearing from the web. "You not only loose your old guests, but also all your guests, at least for some while. Losing your old domain name (or more precisely, sub domain name) means that all your website references from web sites and web sites are interruptedutomatically.

Speaking as noted in How to Improve Your Search Engine Ranking on Google, like Google, searching machines depend on other places for a link to your site to find out if it's worth it to be listed in the results page. If you create a new website that nobody will link to because it is at a new location, your new website will be seen as less important than your old one.

Of course, you can go to any website that has previously linked to you and tell them that you have upgraded them. If you don't have these hyperlinks, the web sites will not be considered very important by the webmasters. You have no visitor without the searching machines. You see, once you loose your old web site it' s like you start with a new site.

You need to publish your website and do all the things you did before, when your website was new, to get people. That is why those webmasters who had websites on AOL and all the other death free web landlords were so turned over. When the free web hosting service shut down, their website had already recorded a certain number of hits per visitor per day.

Relocating web host and changing the web addresses involved a need to restart them. Imagine this in stark contrast to what happens when you have your own domain name. If you are changing web host, take your domain name with you and append it to your new site.

In most cases the changes are visible for your users and the searching machines. Concerning them, there is no web site modification, and your site is accessible at the same place as before. Unless you include it on your website, your users probably won't even know that you postponed the host.

"I buy a domain when I'm serious about creating a real website. "When I first launched my website, it was just for kicks. This was a place for me to publish a few of the applications I had created, and to output my own personal notebookmarks.

Later I also written brief essays about my experience building web sites to help users who kept sending me for help. What is nice about sites that you create for your hobbies is that they are real. These are not counterfeit sites that have been designed so that you can make a fast dollar.

I' m trying to say that this first website you create "for fun" should not be underestimated. However, because I didn't know the things I know today, I made my first page on a free webhost without my own domain. This is the URL of my web hosting. So when I modified the web hosting, my web site changes as well.

It happened a few time over the years before it eventually dawmmed on me to get my own domain name. I' ve sub-titled this item "The High Price of'Free'", because as you can see from above, in the long run it is really more costly not to get your own domain name.

Domainname pricing is low, around $10 per year (depending on which domain names you choose), so it's really wise to just buy a domain for your website before you do. If you really decided to give up your site later, you only lose that $10 (or the amount you paid).

Will I have to study them to create a website? If I delete a website, does it remove access to the files on it? Is it possible to create my entire website as a PDF? What is the difference between a domain name registrar and a webmaster? In order to create a hyperlink from your website to this page, just extract the following source and insert it into your website.

Can I create a website without purchasing a domain name? High price of "Free."

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