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Build a free website on webs. Feel free to write a comment if you have any questions. Creating a personal website.

Quickly and easily create a personal website with Google Sites.

Have you always wanted to quickly create a website for your neighbourhood bookshop or your sport squad? Maybe a personal page that you can easily divide with your loved ones for a special occasion such as a marriage or a birth date? When you perform a Google sweep, you get literally hundred of offers to create instant web pages with template files, etc., but usually you have to pay a little more.

These pages will give you a nice looking page and it will probably be really adaptable, but sometimes you just have to create something really easy, you don't give a damn what it looks like and you don't want to pay a penny. Because you only need one Google account, Google Site can help resolve this for you!

There are Google sites for a long and long way, but it is not very well known. This is mainly because Google only sells it to Google Apps for Work people, but it can be used by anyone. Below is a sample website that I created with Google Sites in just the last 45 minute to post this review.

It' nothing special, but it does the work for a small website for families. Google Apps gives you 10GB of storage for Google Apps customers, but non-Apps only gives you 100MB, so it's really a small website. The site has a standard website address that starts with, but you can simply use a customized domainname if you've already purchased one or buy one through Google Domains or another registrar.

In order to start, go to and click the Create icon to create your first website. It can be changed into something else, but it must be one of a kind among all the Google sites that have been built around the globe. You can also choose a topic if you have selected an empty pattern.

Press the I am not a Robot icon and then click Create above. At the top of the page is the important section where you can modify the page, create a new page, and customize the page and website preferences. It is also possible to set up a notification that displays a notification to all website users.

You can also set up Google Analytics and Google Webmaster Tools here. Also on the leftside you can see the latest website activities, all your pages, appendices you are uploading, page styles you can use, application notes, shares and privileges and themes/colors/fonts. In the last section, you can insert a heading picture and modify the type face, colour and text resize in different parts of the site, such as the Contents pane, Side bar, Navigate, and so on.

It is really simple to modify the website design. To delete or append a section, simply click on the appropriate icon above. It is also possible to select a user-defined page width if you wish. Click on the side bar to select whether you want it on the right or side of the page and customize the width.

Click on the bottom line to select which link you would like to have there, etc. When you want to include a user-defined footing, you can include pictures, spreadsheets, and so on. Once these two points have been finalized, it is appropriate to begin to edit and create pages. You can create four kinds of pages in Google Sites:

Website, announcements, filing cabinet and checklist. On one page of the archive you can submit uploaded data and on the page listing them. You can create a listing of elements on a page of the lists and display them in tabular form. At any time, you can modify the page style by selecting Modify Page Style by selecting the pinion on the page.

This can be changed by selecting the Layout button. In order to insert a spreadsheet, click on the Tables button and select the sizes of your tables in relation to lines and column. Because Google Sites is a Google property, it can integrate with Google Docs, spreadsheets, hangouts, and other Google related features.

Gadgets displays Recent Contributions, Recently Upgraded Files, and Recent Listing Elements. If you have already added an announcement page, an archive page and a listing page, you can only do so. Finally, you can create a new page by pressing the Create Page icon located to the direct left of the Settings icon.

Name your page, select a page style, and then select the site name. Create a top-level page or place it under another page. Now, these are the fundamentals for building a basic web page or website with Google Sites. It'?s also totally free, which is beautiful.

Do not hesitate to write a review if you have any question.

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