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They' re all FREE to use. Slower websites create a bad user experience and are bad for SEO. Maybe you've heard of websites that allow you to create free webpages or websites.

Create a free website with Microsoft Word (for Macs) in 3 ways

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There are three free online dating websites for you to create.

Free-of-charge website development service takes care of all the hard work. Our service ranges from the uncomplicated, uncomplicated page-o-rama to the business-oriented functions of Google Sites. Weebly''s drag-and-drop page layout lets you create a pretty challenging mini-site in just a few moments if you can do without enhanced functionality. Use Google Sites and Weebly to add text and pictures to pre-designed page styles.

When you create new pages, page navigator hyperlinks are autogenerated. Page orama is just an on-line text editing tool that builds one page at a time-each with a one-of-a-kind URI that you can easily exchange with others. You have to create manual link between several pages. Each of the three website development tools I tried retained at least part of the layout of the materials I inserted into page layouts from Word and other text files.

However, each page I made took a few moments to reformat manually. I' ve used these three tools to create easy pages with only a few images and about 1,500 words. If you are satisfied with the page design, select one of the page styles on Google Websites or Weebly (Page-o-rama has no templates).

Begin with a basic look. I used two extended layouts that turned out to be poor for the layouts of the originals. In order to get Started with Google Sites, log in to a Google account and click the Create icon on the far-left of your computer display.

Pick a style sheet (or begin with a blank style sheet and pick a topic in the section that pops up below the style sheets). Then, type the capturecha text and hit Return to open the empty page. At the top right of the page, click the Edit Page icon and type the text and pictures that will appear on the home page of your website.

From the dropdown list, click the page style, browse to the page storage area, and then click Create. Insert or type the information about the page and click the Save icon in the upper-right part of the screen to display the page. The majority of Google Sites pages have a navigational area on the leftside, and apart from the home page, they have a comment field at the bottom.

And if you'd rather be hosting the website on your own top level domains than on Google's server, click the More drop-down list in the upper-right hand corner and select Manage website. In order to move the website to a new website property, click Web site in the area on the far right and type the website property in the Web site field.

To host a Google site on your own domainname, you need to modify the CNAME listing for that domainname. Doc-O-Matic provides directions for assigning Google websites to user-defined estates. While Google Websites offers many design and management utilities for your website, if you create a basic website with just a few pages, the enhanced functionality of the site can be overwhelming.

Perhaps there is no quicker way to bring your contents to the Internet than the free Page-o-rama-services. Entering a user-defined web page name, page name, page content using a basic on-line text processor, your email account and capturecha text on the primary page of the servic. In order to modify the page later, click on the "Edit your pages" button on the page orama homepage, type in the e-mail addresses you provided when you set up the page and click on Upload.

We will send a hyperlink to this page to edit the pages you have made. Pages orama allows you to attach pictures, spreadsheets, graphics as well as custom symbols to your page. They can also modify the page layout to a certain degree and create anchored text, but Page-o-rama is clearly designed for creating pages with simple text, graphs and a format.

I have used Googleites to create a number of websites over the years - most with five or so pages, but one with several hundred pages organised under six heads. However, I had trouble designing the website so that it would look good in Google's template. And then there is page orama, which doesn't deal with originals at all and gives every page the same dull look.

On the other hand, with Weebly's easy tutorials, you can focus on the contents of your pages and not on their look, while still being able to pay some attention to the site. As with the other two sessions I've tried, getting into Weebly only lasts a few seconds. Fill in your name, email adress, your passphrase, and your capturecha, then fill in the website name, choose the website you' re building from the dropdown list, and click Proceed.

Use a Weebly subsubdomain for your website, sign up for the website name you enter (if available), or select a website that you have already signed up for. At Weebly we charge $40 for registering the one-year registration and discounts for multi-year registration. Domains are available elsewhere for less money.

Once you have selected one of the three Domains option, click Next to open the empty Weebly Page Editors. Pick a page style from the list of available page types in the upper right hand side of the screen. Page items and page preferences are tabbed to various tabs: Page Styles, New Pages, Modify Pages, Allow others to modify the page, and Other Page Administration Option.

With the Pro Edition of Weebly you can password-protect pages. The Pro Edition allows you to remove the Weebly page bottom line or modify its text. Releasing a Weebly site on my own domainname requires a call to my host's technical assistance, but this may be due to a malfunction on the host's servers.

At Weebly, we recommend that your web hosting provider make the necessary changes to the DNA record, but those with a little web knowledge should be able to roll back their CNAME record to easily service your Weebly site. The results of my Weebly test can be seen in my own private domains, while the website I create through Google Sites is on one of Google's server.

You can find the super-simple copy of the same stuff on this Page-o-rama page.

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