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Creating a website with Google Sites (with pictures) Go to Google Sites. in your web browsers....

It will open the Google Sites page when you're signed in to your Google Account. When you' re not signed in to your Google Account, type in your e-mail Address and your password to sign in before proceeding. On New Google Sites. This will open the latest release of Google Sites.

Make a Google site adress. In the text box at the top of the page, left-click the ". site name " text box, then select the words or phrases you want to use for your Google site. If you want to upload a picture, you can put it at the top of your home page by moving your mouse over the picture at the top of the page, click Modify picture at the bottom of the picture, click Upload in the drop-down list, select a picture, and then click Open.

In this way, your Google site will be created under the URL . Go to your website. Visit com/view/sitename (replace the site name with the Google page address). It will open your Google site. When you click it, Google SitesĀ Editor will be prompted to open for your website. PASTE - Insert a text field or photograph, or paste a document or video from another website (or Google Drive).

Topics alter the look and feel of your website. Any time you make a significant modification (such as a text box) to your site, you can see a glimpse what the modification will look like on a fresh release of the site by pressing the eye-shaped [ "Preview"] icon at the top of the page.

As you preview a website, you can click different screens at the bottom right of the page to see what the website will look like on a computer, a spreadsheet, and a telephone monitor (from right to left). Download your photo to Google Drive and choose it from your Google site.

This varies according to what you want to include in your website, but you can include the following elements in your website: Drive Docs - Click Google Drive in the right pane, then choose a one. In YouTube / Google Calendar / Google Maps - Click on one of these headlines in the right pane and obey the instructions on the screens.

Docs - Click on one of the text file formats below the Google Docs title in the right pane and obey the on-screen instructions. You will see a listing of the pages currently displayed on your website, the only one of which should be the "Home" page. When you create a page for downloading, for example, you enter something like downloading.

This will add the page to your website. Your changes will be saved and transferred to the web site's online versions. Choose a topic. This will cause the design of your website to be changed in the home screen. Choose a colour for the topic. This selects it and applies it to the previews of your website.

Your changes will be saved and transferred to the web site's online versions. So, can I put anything I want on the website I have? Assuming you have your own website, it should have a very brief and fun name and of course the important things that most have.

If so, your website will be loved by your audience and they will definitely recommend it to other visitors. In addition, you should not post anything on the website that violates the laws where you reside. Will I have to buy to use Google Sites? You do not have to make a payment to use Google Sites. Where do I download the finished website?

When you use Google Sites, you don't have to submit your website. It' all on Google or in the cloud saved server. When your website is configured to Sharing only, then no. However, if you have not enabled this option, then yes. Is it possible to remove a website that I made with Google Sites?

Could the website contain e-mail messages? Where can I find my website adress? After I create my website using Google Sites, how do I buy my domains and host? Can I create a website with HTML pages that I made? Enter your e-mail to receive a response when this query is resolved.

Browsers will raise your website more if you are actively on it than if you don't move it for miles. Don't publish bare or exposed pictures, violence or hatred speeches on Google Sites. If you do, your site may be deleted by Google.

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