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Free Website Online with Free Domain Create

Use Comster to create a beautiful website, blog or online store. Helps restaurants design, host and manage their own websites online. Web site builder, expert in building a Web site, sitebuilder, advanced design templates. At the end I recommend the free plan of Ucraft, because it allows custom domain names. WYSIWYG editor does not require any technical knowledge to create websites.

Wow. There is a free Google website with .in domain names.

Googles takes the India market really very seriously - according to an Announcement from Google has today - India Get Your Business Online - initative, which will provide small and medium enterprises of India totally free website along with domain name. In addition, this organization provides companies with free e-mail addresses with 365 days of technical assistance.

Basically everything you need to bring your company online. Considering the India expansion opportunities - Google has done a masterpiece here by making it completely simple for India companies to go online. Simply go to India Get your Bussines Online Website, select your domain name, fill out a blank with some of the particulars and you are done.

Free: It is free to create your website. This domain is free for 1 year, and it is free to update your website for 12 month. When you want your website to work hard, you have a constant flow of free hints and free gadgets from the Getting Indian Business Online staff and a free voucher valued at $2,500 INR from Google AdWords to try to get your website promoted.

At the end of the first year, SMEs can decide whether they want to contribute a fee each month to keep their website up to date with hosting. By the end of the first year they have to paid a token fee if they want to extend their domain name. You may terminate your website at any and all times. In India, your company's online programme is also backed by the Federation of Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs), commonly known as FISME.

The nonprofit organisation will work with Google India to help SMEs get online through face-to-face sales and event opportunities. Altogether, this is a great Google effort!

Webhosting & Domain Name

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