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Media is a free blogging platform set up by the founders of Twitter. Speaking personally, I'd say go with

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Choose your own theme, customise your preferences, post your blog theme contents and then post your blog to the whole family. Create your blog and expand your fellowship with our commenting system and unsubscribe option. React to your blog reader and use the RSS tools to make it easy for them to follow your post.

Great for your blogommunity! Where do I get a free blog? Create your blog website for free with our services and use it as long as you want. Select BLOG from the options and fill in the fundamental detail. Then launch your website and begin creating your blog!

May I monetise my blog? Is it possible to link a website to my blog? They can select a Domains with the help of our Domainsearch or your own Domains with our server connects. The majority of our schedules also include free e-mail accounts so you can get your own news and interact with your readership.

Who hosts my blog? Have you got blog submissions or free topics available? We strongly recommend our template files, which are optimised for the comfort of our users. Will blog remarks be validated either auto- or manual? It is possible to authorize each annotation by hand or set the system to authorize all annotations by default.

No matter which system you are using at any given moment, you can control your blog posts via the blog preferences. Is it possible to respond to my readership with my own comment? The response to your audiences will encourage commitment and will make your blog increase in popularity and growing in your search engine optimization capabilities. I' ve already been hosting Wordpress logs once.

Is it possible for a user to post a blog review on Facebook or Disqus? Both Facebook and Disqus provide great blog response mechanisms so your visitors can keep in contact with you. Your public can insert these RSS (Really Simple Syndication) hyperlinks into their RSS reader. So your fellowship can keep up with what you have to say!

Large range of highly customizable template options and new functions added on a regular basis. "This is BY FAR, the simplest and most user-friendly website builder I've ever known. Helpdesk engineers are highly skilled and make it so simple to create a fantastic website.

" "I' d strongly suggest you host a website with this corporation.

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