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Then click the Homepage drop-down list and select the Home page you created as your static home page: Next, select the "Posts" page you created from the Posts page drop-down list. Build your homepage It' easy to turn your blogs into a website, with a fixed homepage where everyone will be landing every second. Combination a home page with other fixed pages and some user-defined menu to make navigation easier for your users, and before you can say "Told you so! First, create the page you want to use as your home page.

Visit My Pages Pages at ? Pages at ? Please click here to attach them. If necessary, paste in some wildcard text. Now create a second, empty page by adding it once again to My Pages Pages at ? Pages at ? and call it something like "News", "Blog" or "Posts" - a name that will help you recall that this is the page on which your contributions will appear.

In order to determine your statically-based homepage, go to My Sites ? Customize ? Homepage Settings: Under Show Title Page, click A Stable Page. Then click the Homepage drop-down menu and browse to the Home page you set up as your home page: If you go to your web site now, you will see your new homepage and no more blogsosts.

After you have now created the necessary technology for a statical homepage, it is only a question of how you can present it convincingly. You can create a galery, a full-width picture, or a slide show to showcase some of your best work. Make a welcome post and a link to your favourite postings.

When you want your homepage to really suit your interests, make sure you think about the inclusion: Clear, customizable menus that point to your best contents, pages, and blogs. Find out all about it in Get Published. A stunning look, from headers to user-defined colours and type. Get Configured tells you how to put them into practice.

A few useful Widget in the side bar of your blogs to help you find your way around or get a glimpse of what your website or your blogs are about. That' s it - you should now have a statically designed homepage that turns your website from a mere blogsite into a nice website.

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