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HTML Template Creation

Make a simple HTML template. You can save your current HTML skeleton as a template while the Windows Explorer or Finder screen is open. Generate reusable markup with the HTML template element. allows developers to create client-side templates consisting of blocks of reusable DOMs. You should review other types of templates that do not require HTML knowledge before creating your own HTML template or hiring a developer.

Creating a Simple HTML Template

With the Windows Explorer or Finder screens open, you can store your recent HTML template as a template. This way you don't have to enter everything every single times you want a new website. Click File > Saving As. Modify the name of your website to template.txt in the dialog boxes Create As:

Again, click on File > Saving As. Rename the name of the newpage. html now. Modify the field Safe As Type in Windows to All Files: Store the filename and go to the Windows Explorer or Finder. The template is a text and not an HTML document.

You can now open the text of the template and do the same thing again: Select Download > Download As, click All Files in the field that opens Open As Types, then enter a new name for your webpage and don't forget the HTML extension. You could double-click your newpage. html files to open them in your web browsers.

However, you will want to open it in Notepad so that you can modify the files and make changes. On Windows, to fix the issue, you can right-click an entry in the Submit to drop-down list (Macs have an Open drop-down list). When you right-click on the image, this appears:

We have Notepad in the above picture in the Submit to submenu. If you want to attach an element to the Submit to submenu, go back to your Explorer screen. On your keypad, hit Enter to go to the Submit to folder: Release the right click, and Notepad appears on the Submit To pull-down list when you right-click a document in Windows Explorer.

DOCTYPE HTML> at the top of all your HTML pages.

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