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Build your mobile blog application in minutes without programming skills and with professional results. Complete the details such as website name, desired subdomain, blog header image and tagline etc.. Really responsive websites are websites whose content is optimized for mobile devices.

Allows you to launch as many blog posts as you need, and you can post as many posts in any blog topic as you like.

Allows you to launch as many blog posts as you need, and you can post as many posts in any blog topic as you like. Blog is a set of web pages on a specific topic that can be added at any given moment. First, select the blog topic and give the blog a short inscription.

That is the topic on which all blog posts are enumerated in this particular blog topic. Then you can start typing in single blog posts. Every blog post contains the unique caption of the blog post and the text itself. Allows you to modify blog posts at any point.

Create a mobile application for authors or bloggers.

Is there a reason why a writers needs a mobile solution? With your mobile phone you are with your readership 24 hours a days. And your addictive apartment can: and many other things more..... Can I create my own apartment? Simplify your iPhone and handheld applications by downloading our free preview version of our drafts from the iPhone Store and Google Music.

You can create your own mobile application without encoding a line. With our simple to use application editing tool you can create your mobile application in less than 10-minute time.

Build a mobile version of your blog in minutes for free.

The use of the web has increased rapidly in recent years, but we see an even quicker increase in the mobile web penetration area. It makes good business sense to have a mobile Web site in this case. It' s not always simple to create and manage a mobile copy of your website, but that's about to happen.

Mobilstac pledges to create a mobile copy of your website within 5 min and ship it as you promise. It is very simple to use and the creation of the mobile blog will take about 3-4 min. to complete. If you use WordPress, the blog will be recognized automaticly by the blog server and you can add this blog to your blog as a plug-in.

Create a mobile version of your blog in 5 minutes: Register with Mobstac and validate your e-mail adress. Type in the website adress and let Mobstac do the scanning. Complete the website name, subdomain, blog headers, picture, tagline, etc. below. The unique functions Mobstac offers:

Broadest coverage - Mobstac operated websites work with more than 5000 different mobile device models, covering almost every mobile telephone with a web interface. Smart Appearance - Different set of smart phones with different functionality - Regular telephone user would not see the enhanced functionality for smart phones like iPhone or Android.

Site Preview - You can see what your site would look like on a mobile device like the iPhone or a regular mobile device when you create it. Site optimisation for quicker performance - The mobile part of your blog/website is optimised for mobile browser, so it loads at high bandwidth. UI Mobile Browser - The pictures and video published in an article are spontaneously adapted to the mobile users screens.

Autonomous Server - The mobile part of your website is created by Mobstac server optimised for the mobile web - resulting in a quick page load time. WordPress Integration - Mobstac provides a natives plug-in for WordPress end user to easily implement their mobile website. Generate revenues - Mobstac allows you to easily insert advertisements from your mobile website's ad serving and other networking sites.

We' ve tried Mobstac and it is an great choice for anyone who wants to mobilise their website. Allow him a chance to create a mobile copy of your website with Mobstac.

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