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To diagnose many mobile problems on your website, Google offers an easy and free way. Build and customize your website for mobile devices. What makes a website mobile? Walking Mobile can be free if you can select a responsive template or theme for your website.

Build a free and professional mobile website for your company.

The mobile consumption is a rapidly increasing phenomena. The latest polls show that the smartphone accounts for 40% of all mobile telephones in the US, and this number continues to grow. There is no escape - your company must become mobile. You want a slice of the mobile cake, you better hop in.

Building a mobile website for your company isn't nearly as hard as you might think. In order to create a truly professionally designed website, read these experts' tips: Mobil is different: you should not simply copy and paste your "normal" website into a smaller canvas. Consumers search mobile websites quickly, so you need to keep them engaged quickly.

Encourage your customers to use your mobile website by providing mobile offers. This will help you make your mobile website more than just an expansion of your entire website. Exactly like on the non-mobile web, it is an important part of how you create your mobile website.

To help find your website correctly indexed by searching machines, the name of your website, your contents and your link strategies are all important. Below you will find useful mobile references to our mobile web-sites. Enable your users to stay in contact with you by using so many of these media on your mobile website.

Modify the look and feel of your mobile website even after it is published. Now you can link your mobile website to your own brand.

Build your mobile website quickly and simply with mobilweb.

For 30 free of charge sessions you can test our Mobileweb and see how it has everything you need. The Mobileweb is the simplest and most intuitively way to create a website that is customized for mobile telephones and tables without any prior notice. It can be rebuilt from the ground up or you can create a copy of your website from your own desktops.

Picture galleries, blogs, video, community networking... Everything will fit your mobile website, as will many features that are especially important for smart phones, such as the call key, cards, uptime or QR-code. The mobile eCommerce is multiplying every year. Take advantage of the Mobileweb on-line store features or attract new clients to your real store as they will find you more convenient.

Want to see what your mobile website will look like? Test our demonstration now, without having to append your information, and see how simple it is to create your website in just a few moments. The Mobileweb is very simple to use. You' ll be able to create your website without hassle.

The Mobileweb has different layouts for different configuration and display size to guarantee the correct display of your website. Mobileweb lets you easily and auto-transfer all of your mobile website contents from your existing website to the mobile edition if you already have a website but want to customize it to display correctly on smart phones andtables.

Mobileweb, in addition to the utilities you need to create your mobile website, allows you to find others to help you launch and advance your website. Would you like to know how many people your mobile web site attracts and where they are living? With Mobileweb it is very simple with analytical tool. If you test Mobileweb for 30 free of charge what happens?

Your services are renewed proactively, so you don't have to finish any process if you want to keep your website. For 30 free of charge sessions we are offering you the possibility to get to know the advantages of Mobileweb and its functionality. What is the billing method for Mobileweb? Debit (so that the bills are debited to your current debit balance automatically) or debit cards.

At any time you can disable your Mobileweb in your customer area. Are there any mobile web links I can use? Your Mobileweb can be linked with the same enhancements as a hosting-linked domain: However, the mobile add-on. is the most commonly used for Web pages displayed on mobile phones.

Is it possible to divert any number of addresses to Mobileweb? As well as connecting a domainname to Mobileweb to make sure that the website you have created is displayed, you can also get up to 3 redirects to point to your new website. It is very useful if, for example, you have different endings under the same name.

Mobileweb is specialized in creating only mobile web sites? Mobileweb gives you a website that is suitable for mobile phones, because it contains special finger click functions, because it has apps intended for frequent use with a smartphone, because it adjusts the website dimensions to the mobile phones display, etc.

Is it possible to up-load my own pictures on Mobileweb? Create a photo album with your pictures or add it directly to the page with a single click. Is it possible to resell my product or make a reservation via Mobileweb? Yes, you can post your product or service and your users can buy it on your mobile website.

Can I get Mobileweb, I don't have a web site on my computer? No matter if you have a desktops website or not, you can create your mobile website with Mobileweb. Already have a wallpaper website associated with a domainname ( Which domainname do I associate with my mobileweb? In case the contents of your mobile website should be the same or similar to the wallpaper view, we suggest that you place a shortcut to the existing website with the same name as the wallpaper view.

The mobile edition is displayed on your website whenever a smartphone users access your website. When it won't be like this or if you want to, you can use another domainname for your mobile website. Is it possible to assign my Mobileweb to a specific domains that I have already subscribed to with another service, e.g. a mobile web site?

Yes, you can connect your Mobileweb via the Control Panel to a domains you have already subscribed with another supplier. Keep in mind that you need to modify your DNA for your domains in order to use your Mobileweb to refer to this new one. And if you also have an e-mail under the name of the different vendor's domainname, you can still use it by setting up the e-mail's DNA records in the Control Panel of your mobile web.

I have a good look for my wallpaper website on my mobile device. Meaning it's suitable for mobile equipment? A lot of web sites can be seen on a smartphone, but unless they have been developed taking into consideration the needs of mobile phones, they will not provide an optimal viewing experience at all.

Mobileweb is a mobile website that is developed taking into account the needs of mobile phone subscribers and the functionality of mobile phones. Do I have a wallpaper website? Must I redesign my mobile website from the ground up with Mobileweb? With Mobileweb you can create your mobile website from an existing website or from the ground up.

Mobileweb lets you move the content, category, etc. that you have on your web site to the mobile one.

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