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Make my own blog

Logging can be a great way to earn a little more money or earn a full-time income. We've put together your step-by-step guide to restart a blog from scratch - without technical experience. Make a beautiful blog that fits your style.

Getting a blog started in 2018: All you need to begin your typing.

Did you have the "start a blog" bug? Whatever you want to create a blog for, I think it's a good choice! There is so much information out there that it can be difficult to find out exactly what you need to do to launch a blog. In order to help you, I tried to gather everything you need to know about launching a blog in one place.

You' ll never leave this page, learning how to choose a blog theme, what is the best starting point to launch a blog, the tech details to create a website for your blog, how to personalize the look and feel of your blog and much more! As soon as we get going, the earlier you can begin posting blog postings.

While you are preparing to begin the blog build proces, you probably have a few issues that are around your forehead. For how long does it take to launch a blog? Whilst it is difficult to set a time frame for the creation of a blog theme selection you can, once you know what you want to post about, turn off the tech launch of a blog in just 20-30 mins.

Isn' it costly to launch a blog? Whilst the methodology I suggest is not 100% free, you can begin with your blog for ~$57 for the whole first year, which is less than $5 per months. Can' t I just use one of these free forums to launch a blog?

However, the reality is that you have little to no oversight over free sites, and if they were turned off, you would loose your blog. I will show you right away the way that gives you the most complete level of controls, protecting your contents and is perfect if you ever want to make a living with your blog.

Must I be one of those TV technology whiz kids to get a blog started? So long as you're happy with a computer and surfing the web, you shouldn't have any problems launching your own blog. However, before I get into the detail, I'd like to give you an overview of the real technological procedures you need to take to get a blog started.

Aside from the imaginative aspects of what you want to blog about, here are the easy ways to get started in just 20-30 minutes: Buy Website Hosted - This is the motor that actually drives your blog. WordPress Install - This is the best place to create a blog.

Create your blog and begin posting - that's the funny part! I' ll begin at the beginning - select a blog theme. However, if you are already 100% sure what you want to post about, click here to go directly to the tech section on how to launch a blog.

Stage 1: Select a theme - is your blog for pleasure or cash? To blog just for pleasure, you don't necessarily have to reread this section because selecting a theme is easy: However, if you have financial aspirations for your blog, things can get a little more complex.

See, sometimes what you like to write about isn't necessarily something that will earn you a lot of cash. Because it' s difficult to modify the theme of your blog later, when your ultimate objective is monetisation, you need to make an attempt to find out if you have an audience and monetisation opportunities before creating your blog.

Am I enjoying to write about this subject? There is no way around it: Setting up a blog needs a lot of work. However, once you have started your blog, it will take some getting it integrated into something that attracts frequenters. This is why it is important that you choose a subject that you can see yourself reviewing in the long run.

However, in two month time, will you still be lucky to post on the subject, even if your blog doesn't receive hundreds of millions of visitors? Unless you're impassioned, it's going to be a tough fight if you try to keep posting new articles. Does anyone else have an interest in this subject?

When you have found a subject that you know you will be passionately interested in the near term, the next questions comes: When you want to be able to create an audiences at some point, it will help if you already know that audiences are interested in your subject. When a lot of folks search for the subject in Google, you can be fairly sure that there is a well attended public.

Attempt to think of the words that best describe your subject - then type them in the field and click Search Keys. As an example, the subject of this posting (a very favorite topic) receives over 110,000 search queries per month: Since your blog will probably contain several possible "keywords", it's a good idea of repeating this procedure for different themes that your blog could have.

Facebook Groups - Facebook offers a great way to measure interest in the subject you choose. See if you can find Facebook groups that deal with a similar subject and see how many members are on it. When you find groups with tens of millions of members, it's a good indication that your subject has an interested audience:

Googles Trends - This utility is somewhat easier to use and allows you to quickly see if interest in the subject you have selected is rising or falling (increase is better!). Could I earn a living with this subject? When you are sufficiently imaginative, it is possible to earn cash with most themes. That example is kind of advertising, but if you had a better pop blog about policies for using credit card, you can wager that you would have a bootload of debit companies wanting to knock on your doors and toss cash at you.

When you plan to make cash with your blog, try to try to answers how questions: Seem other bloggers dealing with this subject to be able to find ways to monetize? Can I create my own full -line e-book type creation that might interest consumers? Do you need more help selecting a blog alcove?

Selecting a blog alcove can definitely be tricky, so if you want to take an even deeper look at how to select a blog theme, take a look at these two posts: When you want to create a blog, there is only one single plattform that I suggest nowadays: Self-managed WordPress. WordPress supports not only this blog you are currently browsing, but also 29% of all web sites on the web.

Over a quarter of every website you use is supported by WordPress. So, whether you've ever listened to WordPress or not, I can fairly definitely promise that at some point in your lifetime you've used a website with WordPress. WordPress is the best place to create a blog?

So if you haven't been blinded by WordPress's stunning audience reach, here are some specific explanations why WordPress is the best place to launch your blog: It' simply to use - WordPress is so simply to use that even non-technicians can post blog entries. WordPress is so loved that it's hard to find help if you ever run into problems.

Here this is the bewildering part about WordPress: Actually, there are two different plattforms called "WordPress": org - This is what I suggest. It is a non-profit, open code program that has been created by a large industry group. com - This is a for-profit program based on the open code program.

With you can create a simple blog for free. It means that you do not have full command over your website, which means that you never really own 100% of your blog. It' hard to customise your website because you can't use WordPress plug-ins or WordPress topics unless you're paying for an costly businessplan. com puts some limitations on how you can monetise your website. lets you download the free WordPress application to your own web hosting, which means you have full access to your website. When you' re serious about your blog, using self-hosted is a better choice than using, even with's offering of a "free" (but limited) blog.

Well, now that we've discussed how to select a theme and a blogs platforms, it's finally getting down to the tech detail of creating a blog, beginning with: Usually your domainname is the same as the name of your blog, so the choice of a domainname is a fairly important choice for a brand.

Also make it brandy - you want something that is simple to make so that folks can recall your blog. Avoiding dashes and numbers - Try to stay away from the need to be inventive with dashes or numbers. Do you need more help selecting aomainname? And if you continue to come across domains that are no longer available, you can also contact a blogname builder.

Actually, a blog name creator spews back a bunch of domains that are definitely available. The only thing you do is type a few words about your subject, and these utilities do the rest: Provides a point of excellence for your website because both your domains and web hosts are in the same place.

This makes it more difficult to move host, which you'll probably want to do if your blog gains momentum. Safe - This is important because if anyone ever gets into your domainname, they have full command of your blog. Without webhosting your blog will not work!

SiteGround provides a great value for money offering a great SiteGround experience from just $3.95 per months. Here is a poll from a favorite WordPress Facebook Group about the best web host: so why do I suggest, and so many others, SiteGround for new Blogger? SiteGround is great because you don't really have to have WordPress installed.

As soon as you click on this icon, SiteGround will installation WordPress for you and you can start using your blog right away! With WordPress already in place, you can now start using your brand's new dashboard. WordPress dashboard is basically the front end for your whole blog. The WordPress topic determines what your blog looks like and, to a lesser degree, some parts of how your blog works.

And just like you can't appear in the nude in publics, your blog needs a design to work. Their blog comes with a standard design, but most folks want to pick their own design to create their own blog. Here is the good news: Because WordPress is so loved, there are tons of free and premier topics to select from.

WordPress. org - This is the WordPress topiclist. You can also visit our free compiled free & premier blogs and free WordPress topics. Whilst some will try to frighten you by charging for a prime topic, there is nothing that makes a prime topic better by nature than a free topic.

So if you have a limited purse, you're welcome to start with one of the free topics or the blog posts I listed above! In order to reinstall your design: As soon as you have installed your design using either of the two methods, click the Activate icon to activate it on your website!

As soon as you have activated the selected design, you can go one stage further and actually adjust it to make it your own! The Customizer allows you to change your design with easy customization settings in a sandpit. This means that you can see the changes to your blog in action, but these changes are only made once you make them public.

In order to gain full control of this area, go to ? Customize in your WordPress Dashboard: Don't hesitate to gamble and get inventive with all available options, because you can't ruin anything! The Menus - Here you can create the navigational menus for your website so that users can find their way around your blog with ease.

Widget - Allows you to append awesome features to the side bar of your blog, such as a listing of your latest blog entries. - Here is the free WordPress plug-in folder with over 50,000 different WordPress plug-ins to use. Team Canyon - A favorite market place for WordPress plug-ins. If you want even more choices, we have compiled listings for many common kinds of plugins:

For installing WordPress plugins: Now you' re set to begin building your blog's contents. However, before you begin to write your first blog posting (that's the next one!), it's a good thing to create some key pages. In contrast to a contribution, a "page" has no publication date. Over - This will tell your users what your blog is about and a little more about yourself.

Create a new page: Now for the really funny part - you are at last willing to make your first blog entry and tell your thoughts to the rest of the family! The creation of a blog posting in WordPress is almost the same as the creation of a page. First go to Mail's ? Install New. Type your blog posting text in the edit field.

Just did your first blog entry. Today there are a lot of blog posts, so if you want to create a blog that is different from others, you need to create something that attracts attention. Below are some hints for typing contents that should be easily understood by people: Remember your perfect reader...and type the article to talk to him.

You are a one-of-a-kind individual, so don't be trapped in typing the same thing as everyone else. Bringing a singular point of view and trying to create great contents that actually help your targeted audiences do better will create a great basis for a great blog.

The first time you begin to blog, you'll probably be filled with blogs with ideas. However, once you exhauste this early outbreak, it begins to become a little more challenging to rigorously develop new blog posting opportunities. As you begin to struggle, Elna made a great posting with tonnes of suggestions on how to come up with blog posting suggestions.

You' ve left out the tech specs and begun to create contents. As soon as you begin to publish this contents, you will probably move on to the next stage of blogs where you begin to think: However, it will probably take a little more than that to actually get traffics. So, if you're just getting started, how can you generate revenue for your blog?

Sign up your affiliate account and launch advertising for your blog on affiliate sites. For an even more in-depth look at getting more traffic to your blog, I've written this massive contribution to generating Traffic that contains 32 different ways you can bring Traffic to your blog. Eventually, we come to the part of the operation of a blog that many emerging blogs are dreaming of:

Earn cash with your blog. Well, I know that not everyone is interested in making a living blogs. However, I think most folks wouldn't object to getting at least a little extra from their blog, would they? Fortunately, there are tonnes of different itineraries that you can use to monetise your blog. Although Google AdSense isn't always extremely profitable, it's a simple, practical way to at least earn some revenues from your blog.

A lot of successfull blogs earn cash by providing a ministry bound to their own particular area. As an example, many other blogs earn a full-time life just by posting blog entries for other users. If you have a high-profile blog, I wager you can do the same! In addition to these three ways, there are tonnes of other ways to make your blog work.

Provide this article with a reading and be inspire. However, please keep in mind that it needs a lot of work, a lot of patience and a lot of cash to get a company up and running. While you are evolving in your blogs careers, you will begin to develop and use more sophisticated techniques to encourage and monetise your blog. Once you've familiarized yourself with the fundamentals of blogs, here are some articles you should review to take your blog to the next level:

Set bookmarks for these postings for later! At the moment, however, you are congratulating yourself on a good piece of work, because you had the determination to do something great - launch a blog! Disclaimer: This posting contains affilate link(s). Now, he is teaching Blogger how to create a blog that flourishes in a loud on-line state.

Please click here for access to excluding contents you won't find in the blog. Do you want to expand your blog 425% quicker?

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