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Select a blog address or URL. Here you will write new blog posts or view old ones. You'll be amazed how easy it is to create a blog. Allows you to sign in to your current Google Account or create a new one.

Creating a free blog | How to launch a blog site

Select a nice lay-out and immediately create a blog. No matter if you are a grocer, lover of fashion, foodista, businessman, music lover or globetrotter, you will find a breathtaking blog creation tool. Grab the utilities you need to create, maintain, and distribute your blog entries. Compose, collaborate, and organise from your desk or telephone.

Organise contributions so your readership can find what they're looking for quickly. Let your viewers annotate your contributions with text, pictures, and video. Gain built-in interpersonal messaging so you and your audience can get the message across. Allow members to participate in your blog, create profile and get to know new acquaintances. Make your contributions come alive with photographs, video and gallery work.

Join your personal bespoke sign-up schedule to find your blog in Google or any other major online ranking engine. Create great e-mails and automatic alerts to let your subscription know you've posted a new one. Sharing your Facebook and Twitter postings with built-in community sharing features. Do these 7 easy things to get your own blog started for free.

Select a blog submission. Go to the Blog Manger and create a new one. Apply pictures, video, categories as well as a clear link to your posts. Submit your contribution and see what it looks like in action. Sharing your posts on Facebook, Twitter or Google+.

Build a free blog in just a few clicks.

Would you like to create a blog about your picture? In addition, the creation only takes a few moments! So why create a blog? Do you already have a website, so why a blog? Indeed, posting to a blog may seem boring, but it might be more advantageous than you think.

Blog is a good complement to your normal websites and will add a hint of dynamic while enabling you to efficiently share your information with your clients. Moreover, a blog is important to enhance your overall performance of your website. You can help put your blog at the top of results pages in your listings by posting high value added contents.

There are 3 main reason why you should include a blog on your website. Do you have no computer or technological knowledge? Using the editors, you can select the desired pattern from our wide range, change it at will, insert items, photographs or video clips and post them.

Well, a blog is a great way to show who you are. Clients don't always want to see the same kind of article.

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