Create own Blogger Template Online

Make your own Blogger template online

With a name chosen, it's time to put your blog online. Create your own Blogger template with Google's Blogger Template Creator. As Blogger evolves every passing day, you can now create your own template for your own Google Blogger post. Googles has added a blogger template designer for its Blogger reporting engine. Blogspot.

com is a free blogspot site where you can find hundreds of thousands of blogs like When you have a weblog over there, you can create your template by selecting some beautiful typefaces and colourways.

Previously, some pre-built themes were available on Blogger's own desktop as well. If you are comfortable with HTML and CSS, you may have made some changes to your coding in the past, but now you don't need to have any coding knowledge to create Blogger template. Make changes to your template directly with the Blogger Template Creator.

You can select a predefined template from the list of thumbnails to process a template. You can use the BTD (Blogger Template Designer) area on the far right to modify the wallpaper and format. You can make changes to the layouts, such as changing the side bar on the right, one or two side bars, no side bar, and so on. Also, you can modify the page header layouts and the width of the template using the Resize page layouts check box.

As soon as you have finished making changes, you can select "Preview in current blog" or "Apply to new blog". Below are some screen shots of Blogger Template Designer (BTD), Did you like the Blogger Template Designer features to customize the look of the Thread?

Creating page, e-mail, and blogs using the page layoutsditor

You can use these template files as a basis for your pages, e-mails and blog. You create a template by placing a large number of contents within a single simple click and drag user interface. You can use the Layouteditor to turn an inspiration, drawing, or prototyping into an attractive template for your work. At the top of the viewfinder, click View Menu > New Folder to create a new template.

To do this, go to the Drag and Droop screen. You can use the drop-down list to specify the template you want to create. Whilst most templates can be added to any template, each template has specific templates that are only available for that template group. The following template categories can be selected:

Blogs: Textured template that serves as the basis for your custom blogs posts and your blogs listings pages. E-mail: Textured template that serves as the basis for your e-mail. System: textured template for bug, passcode prompts and e-mail subscriptions. Next, give your template a name. Once you are done, click Create.

Modify the template tree as required. After you create and modify the template, click Make changes public to make your template available for authoring. As soon as a template is released, you can create new pages or email from it. You can also choose this template for your own blogs in your preferences.

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