Create own Url for free

Generate your own url for free

Purchase a URL - Make it short. Set up a account and create your own short domain. Specify a record for your short URL that points to point to bitly. It is a free service and open to everyone.

The URL will be shorter.

Creating a truncated URL

Under the field "Paste your URL here" you will see the long form of your URL and the abstract. Your links will not run once they have been set up unless they need to be deleted for spamming, data protection or regulatory purposes. To see how many persons visited your URL, you can visit

To get more detail about the use of the URL, as well as the country, browser, and platform that access it, to the end of your brief URL. You can find a detailled listing for example for at All link tracks are openly viewable to all members. All your hyperlinks are added to where you can follow their usage.

Every truncation of a long URL creates a distinct URL. You will not see your link on your page. And the same URL will be re-used each and every times you or someone else shortens a long URL. Submit abuse brief link by completing a spamming form.

TO HOW: Create your own custom short URL

Whilst the remainder of us copied and pasted the hocus-pocus of URL shortcuts into our Twitter account, pages like the New York Times twittered their link with abbreviated addresses like " However, now it' makes it easier for Joe Blogger to create his own free URL.

Creating a customized abbreviated hyperlink is ideal for creating a face-to-face or commercial mark because the reader knows exactly where it leads when they see it on community sites. These four simple walkthroughs allow you to customise brief web site hyperlinks and easily exchange trademark url with the Bitly web.

A number of different tools are available to help you find an available URL, but the most comfortable way to find a quick URL is to use Domainr. When you enter the keyword you want to add to your brief URL, this site provides the various ways you can compose it with a wide range of domain names.

To work with Bitsly, your URL must be less than 15 digits long. It is free to register for a BITLY email address if you don't have one yet. You can use the MyAccount to create your custom quick URL and see stats about the custom quick link you created.

You must validate your email before you can create a customized shortcutomain. Log in to Litly and choose "Settings" from the pull-down list at the top right of the page.

Login to your top-level Domain Name Registry and specify the A entry or DNA hosting so that your brief URL points to ly's IP page (for GoDaddy, the A entry is found under the DNA page in the Domains Manager). Up to 48 hrs of changes may take effect.

In order to monitor all clicks on your website, configure your own tracker in your preferences under the Extended page. Type the name of the domainname you want to keep Track of (the long domainname of your website) into your account. You should not want this domainname to match the URL you just created.

Once you've verified that you have the URL (there are three ways to do this), BITLY converts all of the shortcuts that you create from this site to your own customized URL. As soon as all your virtuel cables are plugged in, all your long domains long addresses will be user defined truncated, provided you are signed in to your ly-bits. ly-conto.

It does not adapt your website link that is shared by others.

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