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Here are some tutorials on how to create a website with WordPress, Joomla, Drupal & HTML. Select your artwork Select a website templat. Post your website on the web! The creation of a free website has never been easier!

Build a custom website in just a few simple clicks. Select a pattern from our wide range and adapt it quickly and simply. Did you ever fill out an on-line application before? Post your website on the web!

Include your product, your method of payments, your currency and delivery options and your shop! Everything you need to create a website! There is no need for knowledge of coding. With just a few mouse clicks, you can create a free website that will reflect your character and your personalities. The creation of a website optimised for tables and smart-phones is easy and everyone can access it!

There is no need for knowledge of coding. Explore how to create a website in 3 simple increments. Sign up for free, select a theme from the topics on offer and create your own contents.

Create, name, or copy a website

Click Create at the bottom right. Adds to your website contents. Click on More Duplicate site at the top right. Type a name for your copy of the website under "File name". Click Modify to relocate the Web site. Please note: If your website is large, it may not be duplicated. Click Untitled Website in the top-right corner.

Specify the name of your site filename. Choose Return or Return. Locate the website you want to change the name of. Click on top of the page on the upper right on the Enter site name. Please fill in the name of your website. Choose Return or Return. Click Create in Classical Sites at the top-right. Specify a name for your website and a link to your website.

Select Create. While you can't modify your Web site but you can make a copy of your Web site and move it to a new Web site. Please note: You can only copy websites that you own. Click Organize More Activities Website in the top right corner. To copy this page, click Copy this page. Type a name next to Site Name.

Optionally: You can now remove the old page.

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