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Ur create your own website

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Build your own website

There will be some hints and guidance on how to get going and how to post your website in this section. Instructions for the creation of web sites can be found here W3Schools. They' ll show you step-by-step how to use HTML to create your own home page, give you instructions on how to use PHP, and more.

Several ways are available to access the below described resources of the NetWorking environment. If you want to publish your data on the web, it will be stored in the directory /web/folk/. Since the web server will read the data before changing users, this data must be legible for others. Unless. htaccess, which must be legible for others.

Privileges can be defined on Unix (e.g. via SSH). This is the most frequently used Web application permission setup instruction. A first number places your privileges, a second number places group privileges to which you are a member (usually your faculty), and a last number is for all.

Authorizations that you can specify are usually read(r), write(w), and execute(x). See the Numbers and Privileges chart below: REMARK: Keep in mind that both folder and folder privileges must be specified, and folder must have execution privileges for persons to open them. When you want a home page to be displayed, you must create an HTML page called index.html.

You have to store this data in your browser in your browser (Q: drive). For more information on how to create HTML documents, please read the instructions at w3schools. These are some common reasons why your website doesn't work. Normally, if you have incorrect privileges for your site, it will not work.

Notice that you may have incorrectly configured privileges either in the directories where your file resides, or in the file itself, or in both. This website is currently available at /web/folk//. Occasionally it has occured that an unsuccessful attempt was made to create a users and this folder was not used.

Unless anything above has worked, please get in touch with Orakeltjenesten to make sure the networking folder is there.

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