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Web Portal free of charge

Perform several simple steps to complete all fields of the registration form: Enter your first and last name, enter a valid e-mail address and phone number, enter a name for your portal in the Create Account Name field. Specify a password with which you will access your portal next time. Build a free customer portal or member-only website. Free-of-charge customer portals - What kind of customer portal would you like to use? Sharing your clients with your corporate documentation and link to any website, Google Forms and Dropbox included.

Sharing case, usage or order information and other information with your customer. Sharing class schedules, spreadsheets, feedbacks and other information with your learners.

Deliver hyperlinks to any website, for example YouTube videos and Google Docs, and allow your visitors to sign in. Create your own magazine and allow your visitors to register. Make available on-line Tutorials and allow your customers to log in. At your wish we either adapt and integrate the system or construct a new customer portal according to your wishes.

Non-customer portals NEW - We can help you create other kinds of websites or portable applications. Present your company, your goods and your service on-line. With our templates we can create your website at a firm and reasonable cost. Now you can buy your product or service on-line and immediately pay without having to pay any sales charges.

With our help, we can create your own shop at a set and competitive rate. We can create any type of website and app such as corporate web pages, web shops, weblogs, weblogs, weblogs, webshops, iPhone / Android applications with or without our own content. 1 ] For non-customer portal we offer a webhosting & service schedule for $20 / mon.

A free customer portal can be launched in less than a moment by just click here and enter some information such as your name and e-mail adress. As long as you keep your details below the limits, the customer portal is free of charge. The number of concurrent user accounts is not limited, so you can give free and unlimited user and administrator privileges.

When you decide on unrestricted access, we provide easy and inexpensive designs with no overhead. Your and your customers' information will be treated as we handle our own and will do our best to keep it secure. Your personal information will not be passed on to third parties unless this is stated in our privacy policy.

In our customer portal we use SSL, which establishes a safe link between browser and web server. Every piece of information transferred over the link is secured. Understanding that every company has its own needs. If you have any specific needs, please let us know and we will be pleased to adapt it to your company.

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