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This is the fastest and easiest way to create your own website. Build a website using Googleites. Setting up a new website seems an impossible difficult job, something that would take a few short flying hours at best and a few weekly or monthly visits at a worst case scenario. You would never create a new website just to post a few articles or review a report about a particular ongoing work. It is one of the best concealed functions in your new G-Suite accounts and an easy way to set up a state-of-the-art corporate network for your business.

Who are Google sites? Since 2008, Google Sites has been part of Google's apps suite when it was started as a basic website builder. And the resulting sites did look a little like document with a seek button at the top. At the end of 2016, Google revised the Google sites and gave them a look very similar to the new Google Forms.

Uses a single-column theme like many contemporary sites, and makes it simpler than ever to create your site with all the utilities organized in a side bar or pop-up menus that appear when you pick text on your site. Either version of the application is still available - you can pick which one to use when you create a new website.

While the newer release has a neater look and feel and is simpler to use, the older release allows you to use a customized G-Suite based domains and keeps track of changes to the page so you can return to a prior release. One way or another, they are a great way to quickly create a website or your team's own internaltranet.

How can you use Google Websites? They can create all these and more features in Googleites. And it'?s free. You can create as many Google site as you want for free with just one default Google Accounts. New Googleites use your Google Drive account to save pictures and documents that you choose to publish to your site, so you can even save up to 15GB of free file size for your websites to use with your other Google applications.

But the only problem is that your website is on the Google Domains, with an adress like Would you like a website on your own domains? Simply create a G-Suite for your domains for $5 /month per individual on your site, and you can create a Google Sites hyperlink from your G-Suite administrator.

New Google Sites don't yet work with user-defined names, so you'll need to use the old Google Sites now. Want to create your first website? Simply go to to begin creating a new website. If you' d rather use the older Google sites for a user-defined domains, click the Back to classic sites link to go to the older one.

It' your turn to create your website.

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