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Find out why and how other developers have used the Web to create amazing Web experiences for their users. Getting started with websites - Google Learning Center Create in-house projekt hub, collaborative site, publicly accessible website and more - all without designers, programmers or IT help. The new Googleites make it simple to create Web pages. Simply drop your assets where you need them. Easily create a target for all your important information, complete with video, pictures, calendars, slideshows, docs, folders, and text.

Please note: You can display the new site on most computer and portable device browser.

Currently, however, you can only modify new page contents on a computer with Chrome or the Mozilla Firefox Web Browser.

To create a website with Google Sites

When you' re using the G Suite and your business needs a website, take a look at what you can do with Google Sites. With Google Sites, you can create a website that works on your phone and your Desktop with a drag-and-dropditor. Google sites, however, may not provide enough flexibility for every business to customize.

However, for companies that need an easily maintainable website with little upkeep, a Google site can be your company's website. Google sites also benefit from Google's inherent safety and secure delivery because they are secured when you sign in to your Google account. From May 2018, you'll need the following to create and use a Google site as your website:

Administration privileges to the suite (, administration privileges to your web site hosting (often this is your web site registration name, such as Google Domains), and either Chrome or Firefox to create and maintain your web site. First of all, activate the new Google site for persons in your company. Administrators of the G-Suite can log in to the G-Suite management panel ( > Apps > G-Suite > Websites > New Websites, and then make sure "Users can create and modify sites" is checked.

Go to com/new and choose the plus sign at the bottom right to create a new Google site. Embedded Google Drive or other location based information, inserted a card, or created and inserted a Google form to capture requests. Type in a name for your website that is suitable for your company, e.g. "YourBusiness" or just "Website".

Next, a G-Suite manager assigns your website to a web page within the G-Suite management panel. Navigate todmin > Apps > Apps > Sites > Web Suite > Web Mapping and select "Add a new web address. 4. "The URL reformat will probably be reset by default to " New Pages ", which is what you want.

Your organization's G-Suite priority domains are also likely to be preset for the Domains Ad. Type the name you chose for your website after theomainname. If, for example, you have referred to your website as "Website" above, type "Website" to the right of your domainname. Type "www" to the right of your domainname in the Web Adress box.

In this way, when folks enter "www." in front of your domainname, they go to the Google site. Also, you may need to include a CNAME listing on your domainname hosting to associate your domainname with Google's server. In Google Domains, for example, an admin would log in, pick the domains, and click the symbol in the DNA columns.

You can either modify an already created map or insert a new one. Aim is to have a dataset with "wwww" in the name bar, CNAME (selected from the type), and "" in the datafield. When the above information is complete, users will see your website when they enter "www." followed by your domainname.

However, you probably also want them to go to the same page when they enter your domainname - without the "www." in front of it. Your G-Suite manager will enable this redirection from the Administrative console ( > Topics > Add/Remove Topics > choose "Redirect your bare domain" for your main property. "Next, you need to change your A-records on your top-level Domain hosting, such as Google Chips.

For example, to input this information into Google Domains, go to, log in, select the DNS symbol next to the domains you want to work on, and then browse to the Custom Resources Tracks section.

If you are looking for an A-item, select "Edit" to the right of the "A-item". Open Google's " Configuration A records " in a seperate web page and extend the section "Configuration A Records (generic steps)", then extend the section "A Record Values". Change the items on your top-level Domain Hosts A items to correspond to the way the datasets are displayed.

For example, I changed the A entry of my domainname to refer to four different address IPs. As an option, you can also include AAAA entries that also forward IPv6 queries to the appropriate address for your domains. After you have performed these on your Domains Hosts, go back to the G Suite management screen and choose "I performed these steps".

" Changes to domains and DNA can take up to two workdays. My typing error occurred when looking through two IP servers, which caused a problem. As soon as everything works, you'll be able to take advantage of the G-Suite team's power supply system. You no longer need to regularly refresh your website CMS, plug-ins or perform website safety scanning.

So you can concentrate on your work, not on maintaining the site. When you know of a company that uses G Suite to operate its prime website, let me know - either in the commentaries or on Twitter (@awolber).

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