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Find out how to create your first online database. An online website business and was influenced by their thinking. Visual or code work, starting from an empty canvas or with a template: easy to adjust, quick to deliver. Build a website with ready-made styles, layouts, and templates. Each template is fully customizable and can be designed at will!

This is a tutorial: Create your first website with a free website template (Part 1)

It is the first in a line of blogs postings that explains how to use a free website template to create and post a full website. It explains what a website template is, how to get a template, how to use coding tools to make changes to the template and adding your own contents, how to create several pages and adding a navigational tool, how to make changes to the theme, and how to post your website to your own private domains so the rest of the community can see it.

Recent contributions will be released in the coming weeks so that the show can be vibrant and contain reader feedbacks and responses to issues that may arise along the way. In order to keep track of this guide as new articles are posted, you can either sign up for the newsfeed or follow Andreas on Twitter.

So you have chosen to create a website? Here in this blogs posting franchise, I'll be sharing some of the experience I've had in my years as a web design pro. This is not to deliver the ideal guideline for website construction, as it is practically not possible to create a workshop that is appropriate for everyone, but to help explaining one of the many ways you can go and hopefully give some guidance along the way.

To begin with, there are many ways to create Web sites. This can be done via a wide range of online utilities (free or commercial), via different types of softwares (code editor or image editor), by engaging a web designers (professional or non-professional), or by using different types of web site theme in your context of your web site using your own web site template.

Web sites can be hosted on many different host systems or on their own servers and can be viewed using a unique web site name or a unique web site name. It can be a little overpowering for a first time website creator to see the many choices. To make it even more bewildering, each choice has a variety of qualities, both in terms of usability and the resulting website itself.

So if you want to run a blogs, then a good way to begin could be to use one of the many blogs networking sites or a blogscript. When you want to run an online shop, an e-commerce site or a specially developed online shop based CMS can be a better place to do it.

However, if you want a normal website like a self or your business launch and want full creative freedom and full editorial freedom, it may be a good option to begin with a website template. In addition to fast results - you can put your first page online in a few moments - you can also get to know the coding of websites:

The HTML (also referred to as mark-up, the piece of HTML that makes up the website's contents and structure) and the CSS (the style sheet, the piece of HTML that determines how the contents are presented). Plus, you can study it in small increments. Having a website template allows you to begin with the one thing that is most important, the contents of the website.

As soon as you have the contents in place, you can delve further into the coding as you explore more and play around with theme items and visuallystyle. They can be downloaded and used free of charge and can be changed in any way you like.

Creating a website from one of the template files on this site costs you nothing, and the template files are designed to be easily editable and learnable. You can select from a variety of different layout and colour scheme options, some of which are more sophisticated than others.

However, in this episode I will use one of the less sophisticated models to help you get started. Do not hesitate to scroll through the free template galleries to see the various available themes, and add a note to this posting if you would like to suggest a template I should use as an example for upcoming postings.

Select a template, download it and find an appropriate text for your OS. Website designers, authors and the driving force behind this website. Authors of most free website submissions, along with some of the WordPress topics.

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