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Build a website with Wix

This is how to create a website with Wix. It' very easy to set up and use a Wix site for your business, and in addition to all these features, Wix sites work very well on the frontend. With Wix, Vintique has created a sophisticated and elegant website. Do you currently use

Use Wix ADI to create your website.

Build an author's website for free with Wix

Jules Fier's weekly commentary highlights the importance of building an author's website and provides a step-by-step tutorial on how to create a website with Wix. Less and less people talk about the importance of an author's website. Authors' sites have become less interesting with the use of popular content such as Facebook, Amazon and Google Play, which offer authors' sites, and GoodReads, which allow users to directly communicate with their readership.

Friedman has published a great paper on the importance of maintaining an independant authoring site outside of online community. It is unlikely that your Facebook authors page will be ranked as high on Google as your website. Prior to starting building your website, please take a seat and think about the main objectives you want your website to have.

It' s possible that your authoring site is the first (or only) thing an agency, publishers, or reader will learn about you. Do you want to focus on yourself (your character, your journey) or your work? Your website objectives may vary greatly according to where you are on your trip and what your intentions are.

Below, our visiting writer Jules Fier will report on his experiences in the creation of an author's website with Wix. What Happened Last Halloween Night my books is a young adults nightmare horror story strongly influenced by Jack Willamson's Darker Than Than You Think. I' ve written this to tell you, the other writers out there, how I was able to create a free Wix Easy Autor website for myself, and how you can create one for yourself.

I took a few months to figure out how to create a website for myself in Wix. Having a WordPress user accounts, but creating a free website for my WordPress book has just given me too much trouble and headaches. In order to create a free Wix site, first enter in the address bar if you don't already have an Wix site login,

When you are there, simply click the Get Launched pushbutton above the young lady reclining on her bike. If you' re on the sign-in page, create a Wix Account for yourself, but if you have Facebook or Gmail, you can already subscribe, although don't worry about unchecking the "Remember me" checkbox if you don't want to be signed in every single login.

First half would be Wix asking you how they can help you create your website. Browse to the categories, browse down and click Create Art. If you are on the page of the performing Arts, please browse down the page until you find the template for the writer, i.e. the one with the image of Samantha Jones and her novel Whitehorn.

Move the mouse pointer over the authorshape and click on Edit. You can see that this is an example of what a basic writer looks like. They can see the name and photograph of the writer, a copy of her work, the summary of the work, the buy button and the 6 page headers of this website submission.

Let's say we want to go to the page Bücher within this website submission. Click Book in the drop-down list. We' re on the page Bücher now and can see what it looks like. Don't forgetting to click onto your mouse on it in the Site field so we can have a better look at the page Bücher.

Here we would like to substitute Samantha Jones' text and picture with our own. In order to substitute the words Whitehorn and the remainder of their own text, we first click on the text words. You will also see that the Text Settings field appears above the picture.

It is possible to resize the text by changing the font sizes in the text settings. It is also possible to modify the colour of your text. Well, as for setting up the picture of our own books that replaces the actual picture of Samantha Jones's Whitehorn, we first move the mouse pointer over her books and click once.

We can now see how the ChangeImage bubble will appear above your picture. Click on Change picture. The Select an picture field now opens. We can see that my own covers are already on show. If we want to use a picture that isn't here, we have to up-load it.

In order to up-load a picture from your computer, go to the Orange Up-load Picture icon at the top right. As soon as the picture we want to use is in this Select Picture field, we just have to click on it again to use it. After clicking, the test mark appears on the picture itself, thus showing that it is the selected one.

Now all we have to do is click on the select picture icon in the bottom right hand corner. Click on the picture icon in the right hand side of the screen. When the picture doesn't match exactly, we go to the thin square toolbox on the right and go to where it says letter He. In order to customize our own picture to look more beautiful and even, we click on the letter and continue entering numbers until we can see which one makes our picture art look just right.

Voice over, the artwork looks much better now (actually we can make it look even better, but I'll just give you the essentials, and you can already see how to customize the artwork, in whatever way we want to see it). Note also that it is best to substitute Samantha Jones' name for your stage name.

We now have the buy-subutton. You' probably wonder how you can change the buy buttons by having someone click on them and link the buy buttons to your books. In order to link the purchase badge with your books, we first click on it. Press the S key or the T key to select the desired setting.

Using the buttons settings panel, we can modify the name of the buttons and replace it with something like Buy It On Amazon (because your product may be available in more than one bookshop and we want a buttons only for the Amazon site of your book). We click on the small little pink icon in the lower right hand side corners of the Settings dialog window.

we enter the Amazon URL for your text. If you have more than one bookshop for your books, you will need more than one purchase button. What you do is right click on the buy button and click on the duplicate name. Let's go to the page of the work.

We used to learn how to modify the title picture, the text and the Buy Buttons on the home page. Let's say you have a library, like Fear Street. First we just stay here on the page of the text. At the bottom we click on the Add page to page icon in the side menu: we have a new page made.

The new page can be renamed and given the name/title of your library. In the same line as the new page we click on the 3-point icon, then scrolling down and clicking on the bottom to turn this new page into a subheading/bottom page on the page Bücher. Well, now that we have a bottom for your bookseries, it would be a good idea to return to the home page and scrolling down where we can see an appended set of them.

As we have an imagination of how we can modify the picture of all these volumes, we can first click on the picture of these enclosed volumes. The same can be done with the Buy button. Simply go back to the home page, copy the buy button and insert it on the new page.

Now you have to ask yourself if you can connect your new Wix page to your existing contacts. Please click on the icons of the different types of publicity. Starts the Blase Set Visualization. We only see 3 different types of Facebook, Twitter and YouTube pictures on the monitor. But before I tell you how to connect any of them to your online community, let's say you have an Instagram affiliate license.

In order to insert a non-existent plugin, click on the small yellow icons in the upper right corner. Click the picture of the shortcut to associate it with your community content area. Type in your RSS feed address. Even if you want to get rid of one of the free of charge icons /links, all you have to do is move the mouse pointer over the respective free of charge item and click on the trash item.

Already you know how to modify the picture or how to manipulate text. Let's click on the Let's talk, then click on the Edit text bubble in order to modify things and substitute what you want to say with what you want to say. Use the small settings button. Home page, books, organic, contact, blog and menu.

Already we have reviewed the pages for Home, Book, Bio and Contact. That is something we should get off our chest, unless you are considering opening an on-line dining room while you are reselling your book. In order to remove the menu item and the page from your Wix website, all we have to do is retrieve the Site Menu field, click on Menu, then click on the 3 Items icon at the right end of the menu and click on Cancel.

It is also possible to modify the backgrounds of any page. And you can even post a picture, photograph, picture or even videotape. When you want to create a free website banner, you can go to Canva. And we should also review the portable release for our new Wix website. Here we take a look at what my own Wix website looks like on MobiViewer.

Lots of readers/buyers look at writer sites on their cell phone, and that's what my Wix site offers them. Well, just to remind you that this author's website does not yet formally exists. Think about how they will find you and your author's website.

One good way would be to include your Wix website with your own set of search engine related words.

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