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Comes with a large set of features included on m. A simple tutorial for creating a WordPress blog on HostGator. Steps are: buy domain, buy hosting plan, install WordPress, create WordPress blog.

Creating WordPress Blog (from the ground up, for absolute beginners)

It' s something amazing when you create a WordPress blog. Once you have installed WordPress, a whole range of possibilities opens up. And I still have that vibe when I look at my first entry in the blogs. But since I am teaching folks about web designing, I will be talking a little about why it is great to create your own WordPress Blog if you want to study web designing.

Using my blogs as a playing field to study web designing, I practiced my HTML and CSS abilities. I also learnt how to compose a novel by typing on my own blogs. Finally, my blogs got my web designing for a Silicon Valley start-up. Thank my blogs for all that.

Today I want to show you how to create your own WordPress blogs, from the ground up, on your own domains, with your own web site host. To have a web site for your weblog is especially important if you want to train your web designing abilities. As soon as you have web site development client, your customers will want you to build their sites on a servers.

Also, having a web site is crucial for your blogs. Our web host will configure the servers so that your blogs can be seen worldwide. Use HostGator as your hosting-service? My own personal experiences show that the most important things to watch out for when using a web site host:

The HostGator has a 99.9% operating time warranty. Creating and keeping your first blogs will take some work, and sometimes you get bogged down. The HostGator has full daily technical assistance, every single year. Particularly for your first blogs you don't want to pay too much for your host. The HostGator has some of the cheapest schedules on the market.

Need aomain? If you are creating a HostGator blogs, I definitely suggest a HostGator domainname. You can still browse your blogs without a domainname, but you need to enter something like username. With your domains pointing to your servers and serving your blogs, your blogs can be seen by all.

and the BAM, there it is. While there are innumerable places where you can registrate a specific domains (so-called "Registrars"), to start your HostGator blogs it is much simpler to use HostGator. Otherwise, tap in advanced configuration with your Registry so that the domains points to your hosts.

Click here to go to HostGator's Domainsearch. Enter the desired domainname to see if it is available. Either you can make your name and your postal adress public, or you can select privacy. Outside my house, I happens to have a private letterbox, so I don't vote for privacy.

You will now be asked to create your HostGator user name. Please fill in your invoice data. Select your preferred option. Please fill in your credentials or, if you pay with PayPal, select the PayPal icon and fill in your information. You are the proud holder of a domainname! Just click on "Go To Customer Portal" and we'll setup your web site for you.

Well, since you have a domains, you can refer to your web site (don't be worried, it will be easy), you need a current web site planning or a web site. You' re going to have a WordPress Blog hosted on HostGator. Is a computer that is set up somewhere in a room along with several hundred other computer.

Your website will reside here, and HostGator will ensure that your computer is working around the clock and that your website is accessible worldwide to anyone who uses it. Huh? (This is your "hosting plan" together with your server.) Thrilling, huh!? At the end of the preceding stage, if you selected "Go to customer portal", you should view the customer portal.

Select the Hosted page. Now you should see some listing hostin' choices. Select a host offer. When this is your very first hosted schedule and your first domains, I would suggest that you opt for the "Hatchling Plan". There is no limit to the amount of space you can upload, which means you can upload as many pages (like the pages and images in your blog) as you want (e.g. when visitors come to your site).

But if you like the functionality and cost of one of the other schemes (e.g. beginning with the "baby plan", you can hoist indefinite domains), do it. When you click the "Sign up now" for your listing schedule icon, you will be asked to select the preferred preferred site for your listing schedule.

Select the "I already own this domain" option. Type the name of the domainname you bought intep 1. To select the detail of your hosted schedule, browse down. Please fill in your e-mail adress. Using the same e-mail that you used when you bought your domains intep 1, the contact sheet will tell you that you already have anccount!

Type the passphrase you set in your first steps. Select your method of payments. It is also possible to select a new debit or PayPal to use. Select any extra benefits. The HostGator will begin to set up your web site for you. and now you have a host. Now all you have to do is download and use WordPress (don't bother, HostGator makes it easy).

You will have your own blogs that the whole wide web can see, and where you can do whatever you want. Notice that your "Control Panel" is different from the "Customer Portal" you attended at the end of stage 1. Customer Portals is the gateway to all your HostGator related activities, as well as domain and web services.

You want your own panel to steer a specific web site hostout. Type the user name from the e-mail HostGator sent you. Insert the keyword you copy from the e-mail HostGator sent you. They should see your own panel where you can administer everything about your new web site hostings. You will be asked to choose the Domain on which you want to have WordPress installed.

Choose your domainname. You will be asked to complete the detail for your WordPress Blog. Type your WordPress blog detail. Activate the checkboxes to create a data base (the data base will contain the text of your blogs, commentaries, etc.). The WordPress takes care of this for you), checks and accepts the conditions.

You have now launched your own WordPress blogs that will be housed on your own domains. Make a note of your Url ( your domainname ), your user name and the passwort which will be generated for you during the install. You can click on your preferred website (or enter it in the web browser's web page). "This will take you to the WordPress logon page.

Enter the user name (or e-mail address) that you used to install WordPress. Insert the passcode that was generated for you during the install. You are now in the admin-washboard of your own WordPress blogs, in your own webspace, on your own domains! First of all, let's see your own WordPress blogs in all their glory.

Enter your name in the list of addresses in a new web page. You are now looking at your own blogs, your own web site plans, your new domains! If you haven't already begun, click here for HostGator's Domainsearch, or if you already have a HostGator name, click here to purchase a HostGator host schedule with a free HostGator Test Copy.

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