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Wordpress blog creation

Would you like to create a blog in WordPress? This training introduces us to the WordPress platform and how to use it to create a thematic blog from start to finish. Creating a WordPress Blog in 5 Steps Starting my blog with the WordPress plattform, I find it a great way to post your contents on-line. WordPress themes offer versatility and customization that Facebook could never offer. It' s the basis for the blog's current 300,000 page views per year.

When you are looking for an easier way to create a web site and share your thoughts on-line, the best way to do this is to create a blog. A WordPress blog of your own, self-protected with your own domainname, has the benefit that you "own" it.

In order to create an on-line assets that you manage and that is completely adaptable and that you can customize according to your needs, you need to own your own blog (website) with your own domains and hosting it yourself. Whether you're a novelist, a photographer, a design artist, or just someone who wants to share your thoughts and comments, a blog is something you can find new and new.

Today, no specific skills are needed to create and manage your own website. In fact, there is an easy way to create a WordPress blog in a few moments. To launch a website, regardless of its type and intended use, you need two things: a domainname and a host.

WordPress - Why? So, how do you launch a WordPress blog less than 5 min and begin to blog? While there are many web hosters out there, but for a WordPress site, Bluehost should definitely be at the top of everyone's lists. The Bluehost is the only official WordPress hosted host and has been the number one hosted provider for their platforms for nearly 10 years.

While there are many good reason why Bluehost is so strongly advised, here are just a few: To make the sweetening even bigger when you register through this guide, you'll get a $3.95 per month free share for 36 month, plus a free one-year name!

In order to setup your Bluehost host accounting, please complete the following procedure. This will expedite the entire procedure to think of a specificomainname you would like to use and to have your own prepaid cardholder available for your payments before you start. Next, you need to select a domainname for your website.

So if you already have a domainname, you can type it here, and you only need to do a few additional things to make sure your DNA points to Bluehost. And if you don't have a name yet, you can buy it directly in the registration procedure, and best of all, it comes free with the sale of your new hosting/accounts.

As soon as you have typed in a domainname, enter your own data. Then select the desired hosted packet. Standard, hosted sharing is offered for 12, 24 and 36 months. So, for example, by selecting a 36-month hosted date, you can get the low initial cost of $3.95/month. And because you've opted for Bluehost hosted, Bluehost offers smooth upgrade to VPS or dedicated servers from your own console if you ever need more than one share hosted user.

The one I suggest is Domain Privacy, a fee-based site that allows you to keep your personally identifiable information confidential in World Health Organization (WHOIS) database. Once you have entered your details and selected your host plan, click the "Next" link to finalize your order. You will then be prompted to create a passcode for your area.

They can use the passcode generator to create a powerful and safe passcode or create one themselves. You will need to use both upper and lower case characters, a number and a wildcard characters (?! #, etc.) to have a powerful passphrase that protects your login area. Since you are all logged in and can login to your user accounts, you can now start the installation of WordPress!

It may seem like the most complex move, but Bluehosthas has worked really hard to make this one of the simplest things for you by using the new MOJO Marketplace to install WordPress and other apps. At the top of the page is the blog section, so all you have to do is click on the WordPress symbol.

Press the OK key to open the WordPress setup window. Click the OK key to open the WordPress setup window. It can be any one of the subdomains in your profile, or a single directory for one of your subdomains. Then click on " Verify your Top Level domain " to make sure that the top level domain is allocated and points to your bankroll.

In this section you can create your own user name and your own WordPress setup key. We recommend using a different user name than "admin" and a very secure one. Ensure that the "Automatically create a new base for this installation" checkbox is checked, unless you have already created a base that you want to use.

When WordPress is fully up and running, you will receive the website address, the administrator registration address, your user name and your user name. A copy of this information, other than your passphrase, will also be sent to you in your e-mail. You can now register on your WordPress page by clicking on the link of the administration account.

Type in your user name and your pass word and click on "Login". That will take you to your WordPress dashboard. Here you can manage everything that has to do with your WordPress page, such as page creation, posting, and modifying its look.

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