Create your own Chrome Theme

Make your own Chrome theme

You can create a custom design for Google Chrome in two ways. Make your own chrome designs with Theme Designer. There are many things that make Google Chrome a great webrowser. Part of the reason we like Google Chrome so much is that there are many ways to tailor it to your own taste. Topics are a great way to personalise your webpage as well.

Actually, we have created some Google Chrome topics that you can actually dowload.

When you want to play your own imaginative muscles, you can create your own. Théme Creator is an application for Google Chrome that lets you create your own theme. Everything from the wallpaper to the tab colours can be changed. Have a look at the walkthrough below and learn how to create your own Google Chrome theme in just a few moments.

You' ll need to go to the Chrome Web Store and download the Theme Creator application. As with other store applications, it's a short cut to the web application. As soon as the Theme Creator has been download and set up, you can proceed to the Web application. Plus the design creation option on the leftside.

Remember, no amount of screwing up means you can always revert your design to the standard or switch your design to something else. It is available in your Google Chrome preferences. Begin by specifying your design. It should be the first stage in using base or extended generation.

There is no way to upload, load or store your design without a name. You can upload a picture from your computer in the default setting. Pay attention to the picture sizes when you add a picture with the default setting. You can see how much of the display is being used by looking at the 640×480 picture used here.

You may need to make changes if you want it to be smaller or bigger. It is an simple way to modify the colour of tab pages, button icons, text and more. Once you've modified the colours and added an artwork, you can click Pack and Install and the design will be added.

If you click Append, your design changes and your new tabs looks the way you previewed it.

You will also see that when you move the mouse over the part of the design where you make changes, that part is emphasized in the thumbnail. With the remaining choices in the Pictures section, you can easily move pictures or themes from your computer to different parts of the theme.

Again, if you don't want to attach an artwork, you can attach a colour instead. From you want to get loan for you can put a picture in the bottom right hand of the theme with your company or name or whatever you want. Next part of the design process are the colours.

Those colours refer to the scripts and other smaller items such as the progress bars and icons. You can also use the Extended checkbox to optimize the design you create with the Base checkbox if you want. If you have everything perfectly, you are prepared to do it. The Pack page displays various options that you can use to either reinstall the design, upload the design, or upload the design to a zipped archive.

The beauty of Theme Creator is that you can post and modify the theme later. This is how the Google Chrome customized design looks when it' clicked. If you want to create your own highly personalised Google Chrome theme, this is the simplest way I've ever seen.

And even if you don't use more than the base set-up, you can create really good looking designs.

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