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I had difficulty to pay the vet on my ticket when my kitten wanted to come home", excused the blocking blocker. "Later, after the awkwardness eased and enough was scrapped from other badges, I called support and the security stopped the payments. Today I got a mail that offers an IHG reward system and advises me to advertise.

I did this and though I already had a reward badge with them. I waited 30 minutes on the telephone to call in a missing or missing badge. Poorly educated - all members of our after sales staff deliver conflicting information. Nobody who's serious about corporate cutovers smells bad. I' m not using my map anymore.

Created offers a broad variety of cards, never had it any problems with them at all, was brilliantly from implementation to accounting. The customer service was always bright and friendly on every call. My IHG Credentials are credited to my IHG Reward Balance, so I will be awarded points for the IHG Hotels Group when I pay out my IHG Credentials.

There was a recent 1 weeks lag in over 35000 points being sent even though they had gone missing from my Creation bankroll, so I twice called Creation's client services but they couldn't tell me or assure me where the points had gone. The IHG Rewards Clubs Help Line just redirected me back to Creation as they had not been notified of these points.

Finally I sent an angry e-mail to the IHG Ambassador's Points Claims Rep and within a few short clicks the points showed up on my bankroll. Agreeing with a former auditor that Creation's client services do not create trust and that IHG has made a bad selection of choices of financial services to assist their UK business debit cards.

So how many of you google "Creation Reviews" because Creation failed to direct your funds from your accounts, delay your accounts and destroy your loan histories? Now I have to go through my loan notes and statement of accounts, find out my juridical counsel etc. to fix my loan record.

There is still a "missing" amount in my bankroll, although the support representative can't tell why, who, when or where... yes people, Creation is really so poor. Financing by debiting. Unsuccessful debiting due to your mistake. Called me and I settled the outstanding debt and established a new acceptance giro.

Every single and every instance we walked in a circle, the agents would say it was a "direct dial" and the "records would not be updated". When I pointed out that it was a nuisance to call me three days a week, I got sick and tired of telling them unmistakably where to go - Creation - If you don't want to be told to f*** off - don't harbour your customer.

You put a lock on my account without letting me know after I made a few (slightly) delayed repayments (I never really failed to make a repayment and was up to date and within my line of credit when they prevented me from using it). Instead, they declined to provide me with invoices on a regular basis, so I have no clue what interest will be due or when the money is due.

They said after I phoned their support team that I had to call to get a quarterly audit report updated, which is completely silly. Now I am about to complain to the European ombudsman because I have never met a believer who has refused to give you a bank report.

Personally, I don't ow them much - about 500 - and can cash it out easy enough, but I find it very curious that they are refusing to give me a month bill and have prevented me from access to my bank accounts on-line. It' very odd - almost as if they want you not to be paying it so they can keep track of a failure and end up with a bad score for a small indebtedness.

It' s August now and I have only just been able to clean up my bank accounts after several phone conversations during which I declined to speak to the consultants and requested to speak to the executives. Of course in this business consultants have no authority to address the cause after they threatened that I would notify the financial ombudsman, the executive deleted my bank statement one day!

Thats one of the poorest bad debt card institution you can ever insight. You do not create a standing order. These allow you to exceed the limits so that you can make a payment above the limits. Lack of proper client care. However I couldn't possibly comprehend how the hell they have established my line of 1000 as with any major bank account so far I have had 14000 pounds of line of debt.

For the second consecutive month within 4 month they have not credited my money to my bankroll. For the first it took them more than two whole week to find the money, and when they did, they didn't even have to apologize or tell me. It is totally intolerable that it happens a second times and the bank obviously is closed.

ASDA CREDIT CARTE asda credit carte that would be OWN by creation! Absolutely disgusted at the way this company deals with things, made a payment to them for £252 to pay the balance off my card and they claimed they couldn't see the transaction so I sent them a copy of my bank statement showing that they had left my account, they then credited it after 2 weeks I thought it was bad but yet!

ýI began using my ticket a few days later, which pays for some gasoline only to be told that my ticket has been refused, so I phoned it again and they said that my current had gone over the line and I had to make a payment! ý dead horrified at this and clarified the details to which they said that once again I didnýt make the payment ý (6 weeks later and we are still not nearer to this payment showing on my current even though my bank has said that it left my current and they have received it.

Most of these reviews regarding the credit card, I see, but my take a face-to-face loans was simple my experiance, with no problem at all, whatever, the cash is not going into your bench until around 5 working days, but the APR was acceptable and I was able to incorporate some indebtedness with the amount of loans they were offering me.

Is used to notify fraudulent payment cards. After the third call they ruined my credibility and said to me that they have a arrears of frauds to cope with going back 6 week and that it will take another 10 workingdays before they can even click on a link to send me a form by e-mail.

Suddenly I was surprised to see the poor ratings and felt touched to say that my previous experiences were great. Got an IHG (Branded) Creation Cards that works everywhere. If I use the map, I get IHG points. I' m glad to give Creation 5 star. I' ve been a faithful client for over three years.

My monthly debit order was not renewed this week and my monthly debit order did not pay by my own bank account and the firm billed me £25. and made the payments over the telephone. Well, I realize that it was my blame that my DD broke down, but since I was their faithful client and they would have made a lot of MasterCard exchange charges at my expense, shouldn't they turn the charges around as a move?

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