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Everyday inspiration for creative people. New thinking, expert tips and tutorials to boost your creative muscles. Start your creative blog and make your dream come true today! Actually: "Creativity" was an unknown word for me until I got my first job!

More than 70 of the best creative inspirational blog posts

It is many occasions when we are suffering from creative blocking and struggle to find out what to paint, create or produce next. Regardless of the area of our creativity, we all need constant inspirations to support us on our way. Designed to be the ideal place to discover and be inspirational about an infinite selection of arts, illustrations, photography, graphics or handicrafts, the Web is the ideal place to play.

However, it can be hard to find these inspired blog posts. Gang One: An inspired asset that focuses on graphics art, type, grid system, minimumism and contemporaryism. Personally, I really enjoy the ease of this blog and the things they have in common are very inspired. The Shillington Designs Blog: This blog was provided to you by the staff at Shillington, an internationally renowned academy of printmaking with offices in the UK, America and Australia, and is full of inspired work, knowledge and individuals.

Abbduzeedo: A highly acclaimed and well-known blog about creative art, with many inspirations and lessons to help other creative people. MEIRADOR: Mirrador is the picture hunt work of Say What Studio, a graphics designer pair headquartered in Paris, France. Take a look at this beloved blog, which presents all current fonts. Love Logo Design:

Do you want some inspirational help to help you? Take a look at this blog, which shows many different brands from all over the word. We' ve done the one that Alistair Hall, the graphics artist, presents to you, who shares the inspirational work of other artists. Graphics exchange: He is a lucky graphics artist whose cutting-edge and one-of-a-kind design attracts customers from all over the planet.

It was in 2008, together with his Frédérique spouse, that he founded "Harmonie intérieure", a company and trademark that pushed the creation of posters and stickers beyond the boundaries we expected from a company. He also operates the blog "graphic-exchange", a favourite place for graphics artists on the web. This is the theme blog: Founded, created and edited by Ena Ba?anovi? - a Zagreb - Croatia based fashion house, the blog offers selected, high class inspirations from designs and studio work from all over the globe.

It' s Nice This is one of the best blog on the net for graphics is. Graph Edit: Graphic edit focuses on classical 1950s to 1970s designs and modern day designs inspired by that age. Weird, sweet and funny - this blog has been going on for quite some while now and has everything an Illustrator needs, plus interesting works of art to dribble on and ways to work together and participate.

One of the most beloved sources of inspirations for artists all over the world. Friday illustrations are a week-long illustrated challenges. Interesting blog that apparently is celebrating nice illustrations in a creative and smart way. Canada's most frisky illustrated blog, this is a collection of unreal and unconventional illustrations that radiate creative spirit and thought. Definitely a look for indian arts and illustrations.

Well-known website that helps the illustrations industry with its own blog that presents various works. The Illustration of the Liebesbuch binding? A beautiful, cleanly crafted blog built to publish a wide range of art-related work. The Age of Illustration: The Age of illustration periodically presents new, inspired and sometimes ground-breaking works of fine arts by professionals around the globe.

Magoz's blog: He is a nominated illustrations nomad with a great inspirational blog that shares great work, hints and suggestions about the business. Blog about advertisement and graphics designed by Frederik Samuel. AdWeek's own blog about ads that shares ads from around the globe. Blog by technology expert Shawn Hartley, creative editor David Burn and songwriter Dan Goldgeier about the company's quest for better communication.

The site will share promotional and mailing messages while following the latest promotional trend. for The Ad Buzz: ad buying trend, interview with key advertisers and ad agency touring. AddAge: One of your must read everyday when you work in advertisement or sales. An honest blog that presents all current promotional activities that you can evaluate and discuss in the website's Forums.

This is a website that claps and scolds about the ad business as it collects advertisements from all types of medium for your information. This is another great promotional blog to help you find your way through. Inspirational messages in images produced by the image editor of The Boston Globe in the USA. Guardian's own beloved section 'News in pictures'.

This is an inspirational blog provided by the Fotocommunity, 100px. Anticipate hints, suggestions and inspirational work from some of the world's best photographs. Creative blog with an inspirational browsing area. Blog Flickr: Flickr's accompanying blog, which presents a large selection of photographs from all over the can.

PetaPixel was founded in May 2009 and is a premier blog about the beautiful photographic work. This is one of the most renowned Kunstblogs, providing a true source of inspirational content for connoisseurs around the globe. The Yatzer is a highly recommend for all creative areas, but we especially enjoy the field of music. Constantly reliable and inspirational.

Formerly a print book that now has an on-line home and shares the same thrilling contents that made Beautiful/Decay a popular and adored creative book. The My Modern Met: My Modern Met is the place where lovers of the arts and trend spotters meet through creative inspirations founded in 2008. Colossal was created in 2010 and is a webby-nominated blog dedicated to the arts and other facets of contemporary and visual cultures.

Yet another creative blog that shares inspirational creative works from around the world and its art section are definitely well worth a look. Sponge design: Breathtaking blog that presents inspirational guided visits before and after DIY ventures. One of my favorite blog posts to inspire my own work. A blog that pretty much spans everything that has to do with home architecture - an on-line blog for home architects.

This is a blog by Karine Candice Köng, a female designer and writer. Indoor architecture lust by Kate Watson-Smyth, a reporter and styler who works for the Financial Times, The Independent and Daily Mail. Deszeen is the definitive industrial go-to blog for the inspirational spirit of home interiors and enjoys the esteem of home decorators around the world. The Selby provides an insider's look at creative people in their own rooms with an attention to detail.

London decorator sharing interesting pictures as inspirations.

This blog, which shares a passion for writing papers, writing papers, invitation and card, is beautiful and very inspiring. Beautiful blog that follows the trip of Nicole Balch, taking the finds and transforming them for her home, but also crafting and making her own things. Chelsea's blog Lovely Indeed began soon after the request of her man.

Handicrafts and inspirations by a female journalist named Molly. Peaches blog - very inspirational and sophisticated, with 250K page impressions every day and a faithful, energetic crafting team. Mehlhoff' s Brittni Blog is a full-time blog that offers more than your typical DYY sites. She is a designer journalist and interior designer in New York City.

Her blog Little Green Notebook and her home decor company Jenny Komenda Interiors began in 2007. This is not just a blog about styling, this is a delightful celebration for the eye with handicraft work. Every creative person will like.

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