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The Creative Blog Responsive WordPress Theme is a great theme for creative bloggers, with clear design and minimal layout. The answer for many people lies in WordPress topics. Voyager is the blog's first creative WordPress theme, completely responsive, with a ready-made design that's perfect for any blogger.

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The topic concentrates on the functions you might need for blogs. Several of the functions of this theme are available as a Logos upload option, user-defined headers, and user-defined background (in box layout) can be retained as a request. In addition, this topic provides a user-defined pop-up menus and you have the possibility to view the five most recent postings at the top of the headline, as well as the possibility to customize the layouts for each of the different pages/posts separately.

The topic also includes 10 postal format options, so you can clearly view the content according to the postal format used on your website. Please see the demonstration of this topic under the following link: and get free topic technical assistance under the following link:

Creative Blog Voyager WordPress Theme

Voyager is the leading creative WordPress theme of the blog, fully reactive, with a ready-made outline. Simply take a look at the Voyager theme to assess the advantages. A lot of our costumers and principals already use the topic successfully for their own purpose and are very happy about it, you can see that in the commentaries to the topic.

Topic is great for Blogger who loves what they do, you can take this theme and your website is finished in a few moments, with sounds of photos, paintings. It' 100% Responsive & Retina Ready, works with WP 4+, based on a handy raster Bootstrap 3.0, 66+ Google Fonts, infinite color.

While we can describe the benefits of this topic for a long period of your life, it is better to look at it with your own eye to make sure there is no better topic for blogs.

eighteen+ creative WordPress themes for portfolios & blogs (2018)

Creative WordPress portfolios are the best way to present your work and your creative abilities as a creative performer. No matter whether you are a designee, an illustrator, a photographer or another creative, building a website is a must if you want to win more customers, show your abilities and expand your knowledge with online case histories, case histories and case histories posted on your blog.

However, with so many WordPress blog topics available, it's simple to get overpowered and searching for the perfectly creative WordPress topic can be discouraging. That' s why in this article we have put together the best WordPress topics for creative people to help build an outstanding client base and inspire them. Topics on this page include several different asset portfolios and nice motion graphics and asset portfolios that focus on your previous work.

You' ll also find many customisation and blogs functions so you can share your skills and build your skills. Dash, the first theme on our roster, offers a clear and contemporary look with four distinct home pages with different slide control styles such as Full Screen, Movie and Kenburn. Combine these eye-catching faders with a grids portfoliolayout and you will have no problem presenting your previous work.

The Dash also features fast-response styling, blog lay-out, many adjustment possibilities and is fully compliant with the most common WordPress plug-ins such as Contact Form 7, Visual Composer and others. Bridging is a multi-faceted theme with an amazing number of over 350 demonstration suites that can be used for all types of creative sites and portals.

Bridge theme blends seamlessly with your existing community to share your blog post and project. Kreisthema is an intuitively WordPress theme for creative people, ideal for any creator, graphic design professional or artistic person who wants to promote their works of art directly from their website. You can not only build a breathtaking web site but thanks to the WooCommerce solution you can easily open an on-line shop and increase your blog sales.

It is also fully reactive, fully adaptable, and can be integrated with Twitter, Instagram, and MailChimp. When you are an artists looking for a WordPress theme that is one-of-a-kind and interesting, search no further than Uncode. This theme has many different ready-made demonstrations to select from and you can present your past project with ease, present your latest addition to your range and much more.

Uncode design comes with an easy-to-use page Builder, a high-performing theme administration area, and more than 16 folder and blog designs. Schildthema is a contemporary and creative Wordpress theme, focused on versatility and power. Provides a clear and concise design with multiple folder and blog suites and more than 15 home page demonstrations that can be easily uploaded with a click.

The most important functions include: TeGem Thema is a good option for creative people and creative agents or companies who want a contemporary and quick theme for their website. It is also a good option for those who want a blogger with a singular theme that allows them to differentiate themselves from the game.

You will find many customisation possibilities as well as functions for optimising your search for optimal results. Clients appreciate the versatility of the TheGem theme: A great subject, so many adjustment possibilities. Personally, I really enjoy the versatility and the feature set listing. Dropout Theme is a creative multi-concept theme, suited not only for creative people who want to present their portfolios, but also for blogs and businessmen looking for an interesting WordPress theme.

Designed to make it simple to change or rebuild the look and feel of any page from the ground up, and you can also select from multiple adjustable header and footer styles to build a totally custom website. Look at the potassium theme if you want to have full potassium power over the look and feel of your website. Kalium makes it simple to build your website in just a few moments with batch layouts, advanced theme choices, and drag-and-drop features for your Content builder.

Wonderful full-screen and raster designs are the ideal choices for presenting pictures and photographs, and the theme is also fully reactive and optimised for advancedEO. Insomnia theme is characterized by a nice and minimalist style and can be used for any kind of creative website. The most important functions include: Boo Theme allows you to build a strong library and blog thanks to multiple integration with the most favorite WordPress plug-ins, a variety of adjustment possibilities, and an easy-to-use page builder.

Easily build different asset allocation charts and use symbol scripts to enhance their look. In addition, the theme is completely reactive and quickly loading. It' s a fantastic theme, lots of functions, a great look, and some other great things that are easily customizable.

Avenue' s theme is characterised by a minimalist style with lots of white space, which is ideal for focusing on your past work. It comes with a strong page building engine and can be integrated with WooCommerce so you can open an on-line shop with ease. Jevelin WordPress Theme has a number of original and creative demonstrations that can be used as a point of departure for building your website.

You will find templates for your portfolios, blog, homepages and much more as well as an easily usable Pagebuilder that will help you optimize your page design. Its design also incorporates a high-performance administration pane that lets you change colours, text and other visible items. Jevelin is also fast reacting, integrated with WooCommerce and optimised for advancedEO.

If you are looking for a deep colour theme, try the Eurybia WordPress theme. That theme has a home page that focuses on presenting your portfolios, and it comes with a number of inside pages that are perfectly suited to add to your blog, about and similar pages. The most important functions include: Brooklyn theme is a good option if you are looking for an sleek and varied theme.

You' ll find more than 40 ready-made one-click import layout templates, hundred of fitting possibilities, a page creator that drags and drops, and multiple folder and galleries to present your work. Clients enjoy regularly adding new features: Sacred straw, all these new functions! To use this theme for several years and to see it so happily that the theme is constantly evolving.

Richter's theme is a fast-reacting WordPress blog theme with clear and simple styling. Richter's theme quickly downloads and is integrated into MailChimp. Norebro's theme is ideal for business and pro portfolio and blogging. This theme is characterized by a clear layout and is fitted with the most beloved Page builder plug-in and a high-performance theme administration area.

Kaster Theme has a wonderful palladium effect that is ideal for giving your portfolios a little more atmosphere. Apart from the content page, the theme is great for creative blogs who want big pictures. Pofo's theme is characterized by an appealing and contemporary look with more than 200 ready-made patterns and hundred different items.

Revolution Slider lets you customise every part of your website, creating custom page layout and creatively creating stunning contents. Freelo's WP theme is characterised by a distinctive and contemporary style that is perfectly suited for freelance professionals, designer, creative and anyone else looking for a funny way to present their previous work.

It' s translation-friendly and includes a number of different asset allocation and page customisation settings so you can build a truly original website. You can use the WordPress theme for any kind of website, whether you want to build a strong web site or a nice blog.

It comes with a high-performance Page Builder plug-in so you can customize your layout, adding additional items, or creating a new page from the ground up. You' ll find plenty of blog and folder layout, an appealing look, and a variety of customizations. As soon as you've set up your website with a fresh creative WordPress theme, there are a few more things to keep in min if you want your product range to be efficient.

Book your portfolios only for your best project and present 10 to 15 each. Posting an companion blog or case file will help prospective customers better comprehend your work processes and give them an idea of what it would be like to work with you. You will be able to tell if your creative visions are consistent with yours, which in turn will help eliminating customers who don't work well.

The addition of old tag to each picture and photograph in your inventory will help finders better understanding what the photograph is about and give them extra information about your website. Addition of a call to actions among the various portfolioprojects. This way you raise your conversion rates and make it easier for prospective customers to recruit you.

Finally, add an interest-friendly graph to each of your investment portfolios. It will make it easier for your users to attach them to their surfboards and help you control the Pinterest web site, which is the third biggest web site in the word and a source of great ideas for many.

The creation of a breathtaking web site is simple thanks to WordPress and many creative WordPress topics. Take our summary as a point of departure and if you want to see more topics, search the entire creative WordPress theme library to find the right one for your WordPress site.

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