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As a creative management consultancy, we combine the power of purpose with branding, PR, marketing, design and digital to build your brand. Kreative Brücke - Homepage CCRC's Creative Bridge is a full-service store that ensures that your nonprofit organization has access to the highest level of product value to help your client make a sustainable impact. It'?s a one of a kind tale! We have a highly skilled staff of professionals who can translate your history into efficient and creative graphics and print designs.

As every single projekt is different, please contact us for a free individual offer.

Professionally designed by graphics professionals with 40 years of collective expertise. Running CCRC's Creative Bridge on behalf of charities leads to a positive return on your money when investing in your child and family. Creative Bridge employees are available from Monday to Friday from 8am to 5pm. Every order is individual and will be offered individually within one working days after your inquiry during office opening time.

Call us at (818) 717-1070 or complete our product enquiry sheet for more information.

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What is a cooperative for?

Studies show that the participation of a parent in their child's learning is an essential element for a child's successful outcome. To be part of a co-operative means to be concerned forever with the training of your family. Sharing valuables with other mothers and learning about the child's evolution and upbringing abilities. It is the commitment of the parent's children to the primary and secondary schools.

They build life-long relationships, which you as a parent have been carrying with you long after school. For you as your mum and dad, your teacher becomes a model. Children learn in a secure, affectionate and rewarding atmosphere. Research in the centers results in the awakening of abilities of critical thought, leadership, academic literacy and mathematical willingness, and comprehension of the meaning of story, scholarship, friendships, empathy and so much more! available for day and price.

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