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Creative demo is an ad design created for you. The demo must be approved before it goes live. WE' RE A BRIDGE CREATIVE AGENCY. Create beautiful animations and mock-ups.

Sonic Carrier - Request your demo sessions to enjoy the quality of the music.

Come and see us for a step-by-step demo of the X-Fi Sonic Carrier from February 21, 2018! Since the Creative Audio Experience Centre does not have normal opening times, guided tours are only possible by arrangement. Please fill in your data in the following field and our sales representative will arrange a meeting for you.

Many thanks for your interest in the X-Fi Sonic Carrier! We' ve got your inquiry for a demo meeting to be held as follows: A sales representative will contact you soon to verify your demo meeting.

Slam demo: rushhmore

With its demo slam contest, Google inspires humans to be creative with the help of the latest technologies and asks them to find incredibly creative ways to demonstrate Google software to them. There are 10 great Demo Slam demonstrations here to help you get inspired to think outside the box with your own demonstrations. Last months Anat posted here at Social Times and introduced Demo Slam.

Learn more in the demo below, then watch 10 creative demo slams from the demo slam below.

Check the tape to see if the chicks got their dinner! When you say "Chubby Bunny", how many marshhmallows do you think you could put in your mouths and still Google Search by Voice would hear you? to demonstrate Google's Search by Voice.

One group of artist will show you how to modify the Google homepage wallpaper by hijacking the Google name! Teacher's Tom track about the items makes a fabulous demo of Google Instant possible. Google's own CFO Patrick Pichette really has the moves or at least his own solid doubles.

"He' " breakdancing dance as he demonstrates the finer points of Google image search. Pichette is not the only Google employee who can join the demo slam. Udi Manber demonstrates Google Instant and shows how "Google needs just a few characters to know what you need, just like a performer who needs just a few sheet music pieces to perform a genre".

As VP of Google, where did he have enough spare manpower to acquire all this?

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