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A creative object

Read the creative article reviews | customer service reviews from I ordered premium wheel valve cap car/bike light LEDs - 4IGHTS SET -60% OFF 1 on March 1st. These light LEDs really look great in the promotional videos they used...

. Once they had received the light, they were no longer as shown in the film. Nothing even remotely what I had expected from the film.

Couldn't put the hyperlink here, but go to her page on facebook, the movie is here. First part of the movie is what you get the little flashing lights enabled by motion, so the whole thing lasts like 2 or 3 day when you put them on your auto and you are driving around aot.

In the second part of the videos they show the vehicle (what sells me), everything is a lies. This is NOT how the headlights look when mounted on the tyre valves. Figured I wanted a reimbursement because it was wrong to display the light and what it looks like on a vehicle.

I sent them an e-mail on 21 May asking for a full refund. Please return the money. Could you please provide us with a photo of the item and the label of the packaging? It' d be great if you could just post a videotape of the article on your hands. The parcel was gone and I couldn't even upload a movie, so I took a photo of the item in my hands and sent it to an email.

23 October e-mail from them. on May 21, now it's October: Hello William, thank you for your feedback and we apologise for the delays in processing your refund/inquiry. The next e-mail from them came about 45 mins after this and here it is: Hello, We need your PayPal Email to ship the money directly, because we cannot reimburse this amount with PayPal.

"Your payspal e-mail is required to ship the money directly, as we cannot reimburse this amount with paypal," makes no point at all. December 14, 2017 after about 7 month of decline and the forth for a weak reimbursement of 22 dollars: "They are over the deadline to make a refund regarding this transaction" The delay was on their part, they seemed to be delayed and delayed and delayed and delayed for all these month, then they sent this mail.

Earlier in the case, I went to their Facebook page under this fake videotape and tried to alert them not to buy the article on the basis of the videotape, and they were blocking me from leaving comment. Everything I did was order a mispresented article and then get my cash back.

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