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Are you considering a marketplace where you can sell your creative projects? The Creative Market is an online marketplace for collectively generated design objects. Favourite articles Those items are only free this weekend, so get them before they're gone! Excellent web site and top web site designer resources from independent designers. Join your favourite stores for launch dates, rebates and up-dates.

Discover stunning items that our staff have put together just for you. Learning, sharing and connecting with a fellowship of like-minded people. Start a store to resell your goods, or become an affiliate to make money when you divide.

Revenue up to 10% of every sale a referrer makes!

Store Businesscard Template from Envato elements to Envato roadroad

We introduce you to our Creative - Market business card template, which is perfectly suited for use in your next venture or for your own corporate image. Each of our designs has an organically designed, straightforward and appealing structure. We' ll do our best to give you an impressive balance, aesthetic appeal and strong corporate image that leaves a permanent impact on your audiences and is easily accessible wherever you want it - web or print.

Expanding trend of inflated apps with'Lite' options

The Creative Market Pro offers curricular contents in the shape of a vector, theme, font, template, etc. The Creative Market, the open space community for designees and developpers who want to buy ressources for their work, today unveiled Creative Market Pro, a subscription-based collection of creative asset management solutions. Addressed to creative artists, graphic artists, creative studios, and other creative individuals, the site provides you with a rich asset management resource with over 260,000 asset items including typefaces, artwork, web artwork, topics, photos, and more.

The Creative Market was already started in 2012 and taken over by AutoDesk in 2014. In October last year, however, Creative Market said it would become self-sufficient again as the company's strategic direction is not consistent with AutoDesk's direction. In contrast to Creative Market's market place, where anyone can register and begin to sell their own creative product, Creative Market Pro is a managed space that contains high value creative work.

There are six major asset types - fonts, graphics, templates, add-ons, photos, and designs. Aaron Epstein - CEO and co-founder of Creative Market, says at the announcement of the service: It is our devotion to creative independence that has inspired us through the long hours of working tirelessly on this work.

Creative Market Pro will help them to develop a completely new client franchise and expand their business solely through their presence on the site. Creative Market Pro is the next move to enable more creative individuals around the globe to make a livelihood from what they care about and what they enjoy.

Creative Market Pro price begins at $59 per months, which gives you only 10 monthly Downloads. Upgrading to a higher $129/month schedule that gives you 25 monthly downloads, or going all the way and subscribing to the infinite download schedule for $249/month. There are Envato Elements if you're looking for a similar subscription-based site that begins at $29/month with limitless downloading.

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