Creative Portfolio Layout

Imaginative portfolio layout

While his graphic design portfolio radiates a pretty simple layout, his work is everything else. Unrestricted free use of the best of the best things in the worid

Portfoliogestaltung. It is a good benchmark for web pages that can inspire you. Purchase the square portfolio books from Royal BlackStudio on GraphicRiver. I would like to present to you an astonishing inspirational portfolio work. This is for Ponsonby Social Club Bar in Auckland. You describe this as Anti-Design.

Advertising letter made of die-cut particle board. Are you trying a less picky variation of it, reverting to the previous concept of a journalistic designer concept? The bachelor dissertation by Yanko Djarov. For a fictional producer of pastas in Italy, he designed a virtual ID for "La Forma Saporita". Designs include print brand-name material, packagings and UI designs for the web and portable device.

Promotions & Media Folder Design: Yet another concept for a folder - just put the cover in the center like a slideshow clipboard. Stefania Capellupo's portfolio. When you open the portfolio, the inside is divided into 4 distinct catagories. All of them adhere to the styling of the designs, but are characterized by different colors.

High-quality styling with a finite printudget. This is Nathan Hinz Portfolio on Behance: Every "page" is a wrapper that can show a specific page and other items of that page. Provides a fast synopsis and a comprehensive slide show in one single work.

Explore 10 fantastic bootstrap templates for your portfolio construction

Whether you're a free-lance professional designed by a professional professional who' s also a professional who' s working as a professional or as a professional photo professional, you'll already know how important an on-line portfolio is to showcase all the amazing work you' ve done. I will ask you to think about the real layout of your portfolio site.

Or, to be more precise, to think about how you can quickly and simply design a layout that allows you to enhance your service and work cleanly, modernly and professionally. Of course I'm referring to the investment in a sophisticated and easy-to-edit web templates or WordPress topic developed specifically for residential property portfolio.

That' s why I would like to present you with 10 bootstrap designs, all in line with the latest portfolio styling conventions and all perfectly suited for your creative work. The Bootstrap Web Framework will put you on the right track if you are new to it. If you want to do a little more with your portfolio, take a look at these bootstrap plug-ins and enhancements.

Bootstrap-powered Nordic comes with a minimum layout and has been optimised so that creative people can present their portfolio quickly and simply. Topic has been fully AJAXified, loading only the dynamical parts, how and when the users want it, so their surfing runs very smoothly. Alona WordPress's mimimal WordPress topic has been developed entirely for designer, artist and photographer.

Comes with four options of portfolio layout (grid, horizontally, vertically and projects) so you can select the one that best fits your needs. Easy is a easy but nice web templat for creative people. HTML5 templates come with 10 option website variants that allow you to quickly build a custom layout to present your work.

An Atjeh is a creative and courageous WordPress topic for free-lance designer to present their portfolio. The Section is a nice, minimum and generous presentation tool for your portfolio. The homepage of this WordPress topic has a roomy and brick layout, making it a great option for creative people. Essenza's rich and subtle WordPress themes come with four layout options - Creative, Minimal, Personal and Business - allowing you to design your portfolio in a variety of creative and pro-active ways.

The CLBK is a one-page portfolio web presentation with a clear and easy layout. It' s designed for any kind of creative work and comes with four portfolio layout options and three different layout options. The PortfolioRx is a neat and well-structured typewriter-style WordPress topic. It' just right for performers of all disciplines, web, graphics, movement, sounds, print,... anyone who really needs a portfolio.

The Expose is a new portfolio web templates for creative agency and freelancer professionals such as graphics artists, designers, illustrators, photographs and all kinds of creative professionals. The HTML5 templates contain 25+ pages and a set of 12 homepage variants.

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