Creative Portfolio Wordpress Theme

Wordpress creative portfolio theme

A professional collection of WordPress themes for creative people such as artists, graphic artists, illustrators, photographers or agencies. A brilliant homepage Present your portfolio of professionals and achieve instant and unbelievable results with a home page slide with contents, a home page movie, customer feedback and polished call to action. and more. Flexibly, robustly and simply to serve, the topic creative portfolio is the correct selection, in order to present your creativity. Your creative portfolio is the topic of your creative portfolio.

Undoubtedly, our favourite part of Creative Portfolio - and we sincerely expect you to like it the most - is the cover artwork and the super-versatile contents control.

In the creative portfolio you will find many page layouts that are available to you. Below are some of the most useful template that you will find in the topic: Go to the customizer and use the many layouts available in the creative portfolio, such as page width, page bar positions, page crumbs, blogs and layouts.

The Creative Portfolio includes two user-defined page navigator menus: a primary menu in the page head and a secondary menu in the bottom. The Creative Portfolio allows you to create and publish your own corporate identity. The design supports two user-defined widgets. This is Sidebar and Footer Widgets. Are you interested in using this topic on your self-hosted website?

Detailed creative portfolio supporting documents can be found directly on the demonstration website. In case we miss something or you have problems dealing with the topic, please get in touch with us in the Premier Topic Board and we will be glad to help you. For more information, see the tutorial videos and demonstrations on the topic.

Please do not hesitate to get in touch with us if you have any queries about the creative portfolio before the sales. If you have any queries regarding our services, please visit our Topic Forums. Many thanks to Ben Rosati, who contributed to the first UI concept for Creative Portfolio. There is a width of 783 in the primary contents colum.

Maximal width of the primary sidebar is 355).

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