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Best 5 Portfolio Website Builders When you want to present an actor, creator, photographer or just your artwork you can use the Website Builder below to help you build and enlarge your fans. 1 ] Template Design - Wix has a very large collection of professional theme templates that span many different industry sectors, making it simple to find one that's right for you. To make your web site look good, click here to see a selection of free, nice and professionally designed topics. 2 ] Usability - The evaluation is predicated on how simple it is to acquire the use of Website Builder (even if you have no engineering knowledge). With this review you will get an impression of which Website Builder is the simplest to use.

3 ] Feature & Flexibility - Refers to the number of feature, application, and kind of website (hotel, band, e-commerce, and so on) that the website builds will assist. A few website builder have application shops that allow you to add third-party utilities and functionality with a single click of a mouse click. More points are awarded to website developers who are more agile and have the bigger application storefronts.

No matter what creative sector you work in, one of the most challenging things is to get your staff to see and feel your work. No matter if you want to create a Fanbase or win new customers, without an on-line Portfolios it will be really hard to do both, so a Portfolios Website Builder may just be your new best pal!

Who could profit from using a Web site builder? Now, just about anyone who does something they want to present to a broader public, i.e. graphics designer, videographer, photographer, artist, musician, animator and anyone else who wants to show off their creative potential. Fortunately for you, the web site builder portfolios we have considered above present a broad array of models and style guides that should give you a lot of thought when it comes to creating your own website.

Whilst our Web site builder portfolios offer you many choices and all kinds of flexibility in creating your site, we still suggest you follow these four rules of thumb: Having spent years searching and creating web sites, it has become clear to us that one of the most important parts of any web site - and one of the simplest to be mistaken!

  • Refers to the design of your website. It is important to keep this in mind when creating a page design because you want things to be neat, simple to browse, and clear. That doesn't mean that you can't have a little creative air at the same place - especially if you want to make a really eye-catching web-site.

A website is a mirror image of you, your company and - if it is a web site - your passions. When you view your web site as a showcase for your capabilities, skill sets and creative work, it becomes apparent that a web site that attracts a user's attention is an integral part of the web site experience.

Perhaps it is with whimsical side scrolls or even pallax scrolls (a technology where background overlaps and scrolls at different speed, giving an impression of deepness and 3-D proximity). Because your styling is easy and neat from tip #1, it doesn't mean you can't show your character through the look of your website.

Designer Template Example 1' above is a great example of how you can imprint your character on a neat, easy-to-navigate template. Now, while it might be enticing to present everything you have done on your web site in your portfolios, take a minute to think about who will look at your work. It is definitely wise to choose the best work - the most challenging, the most iridescent - and take the extra effort to highlight it in your work.

Throughout the above samples, we have emphasized several great ways to present your work, such as using high-quality photographs as backgrounds for your website and using contrast colour pads to enhance things. Whether you believe it or not, type selection is often ignored as an important part of your website layout.

Your typeface must not only be legible, but should also complement your overall look. Learn how to choose the perfect type style for your website.

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