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Tags: bootstrap, clean, creative, creative, one page, design, minimal, modern, personal, portfolio, resume, uniqueSee all tags. It' the perfect solution for webmasters looking for a full-fledged website creator. is a beautifully designed UI kit template for digital agencies, freelancers and all kinds of creative people. Use existing layouts or combine carefully designed components to create your own unique website. Select a free Creative Arts website template to start creating your stunning website.

Twelve breathtaking artists' website templates for every creative branch

If you are willing to build a website for your creative company, but the right kind of inspired website hasn't arrived yet, you can find it here. Well then, you'll be delighted because our gifted designer squad has taken the initiative to produce these 12 refreshing new templates specifically for all creative areas.

We now know that creative heads are often difficult to satisfy - how else could you reach perfect results? That' s why these templates contain all the bell and whistle a website should have in 2018, as well as pallax scrolls, videotapes, subtile element animations and trendy colours. Light, summery and inspiring, this draft will make sure you play in sold-out halls around the world!

Easily use your own pallax scrolls and subtile animations to make a seamless transfer from your name to your latest mixing for your forthcoming event. These templates contain all the needs of a prospective film-maker. These include: a section that examines your closing program, a show reel, a bio page with information about your workout, awards, and an invite to contact you.

As an experienced cinematographer, don't let the text in this original prevent you from making it your own. Some text cuts and your movietfolio is ready to go. It' the ideal home to present your web show or webshort. In order to really reinforce your cast as an actor, this artwork contains larger-than-life pictures and even features an on-line shop so you can shop your merchandise on-line.

Tempting videosnippets are the ideal way to attract your audience to your show reel. While this one page may be easy, it contains all the ingredients of a musical videographer: a show reel, works presented, and a "About me" page. User-defined motion menus that show the beats of a recording board make your website (and music) look different.

Share the news about your next fashions happening with this informational crayon. Distributed throughout the site, the menus make sure your users find all the information they're looking for. Clicking the "RSVP" icon gives you insight into your participants and ensures that you are prepared to face the flock of fashionably possessed people.

Imprise your prospective customers with this sleek, modern graphics designer portfoliosheet. Simple titles: work, shop and infos will make sure that prospective customers find everything they need to know about you. With the use of large, fat typefaces, this pattern is trendy. This is a model that we enjoy the sense of "unity is in diversity".

Combining the courageous colours of rose and reds creates an outstanding website that is trendy with unusual bells. Accidental but strategic placed musical components of this original merge into a rythm that screams the "personality" clearly and loudly. There' s no end to the fun: look at the vocal animations of the lip as the original artwork there.

Bring your crafting enthusiast to the next levels with this website submission form. Because DIY is an attractive theme for a burgeoning online audience, this submission contains a blogs and forums. Site rule templates are completed with site rule and FAQs. Colours used in the pattern are minimum yet fun to use.

It is the defining of beauty and charm, blended with a touch of border and the use of soft colours. Note the elegant use of a splitscreen and slide show images: an excellent way to present your best photos above the hem. Delicate use of para-lax scanning rounds off the look and offers the most hooked scroll moment of all time.

Designed for landscaping photographers, this site shows the best of both worlds with a stunning full frame home page, followed by a vertically displayed photo album. With a very subtile top link on the site, your visitors are invited to further investigate your work by visiting your portfolios, organic food and shop.

If you are a movie maker, you need a style sheet that "shows" what you do best. Therefore this pattern contains an overwhelming movie as homepage. Meticulously placed geometrical forms and the use of thick type in this pattern are in vogue for 2018. Would you like to let your creative spirit run free?

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