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It is offered directly on the Long Winter Studios website and further on Creative Crash. High-quality 3-D models, scripts, plugins and more! : Maya Mel Scripts and Maya Plugins have the widest range of scripts and plugins on the web. It was a long while ago that I began this kind of research and worked on it again and again. I was pulled down some bunny pits because I didn't have a computer powerful enough to finish the sculpture at one point, and because I was contemplating colour details from all perspectives, maybe a 3-D printing or an Animated Posters, which led me to try a human fur simulation (which was ultimately a profound deeper bunny pit, but I chose a sculpture with some colour in the definitive picture here).

Prototypes were launched in Maya and completed in Zbrush. Texts were begun in Adobe Acrobat and completed in Zbrush and Cinema Body Paint and are all hand-painted. Definitive renderings we made in Maya Mental Ray and composite in Adobe Photoshop. Don't believe the bunnies, they're little dark animals with global supremacy and a new order in their heads. Photo shop where I made cc and put the finishing touches.

Three Max and Zbrush, all renders in Mental Ray. The picture was taken during my studies in the Escuela Trazos, Madrid. A little bit of my spare hand has been spending on putting the skeletor statue I made in ZBrush into 3D Max for texturing and rendering. The Multi Maps Exporter for ZBrush was used to create a hollow and shift chart as a basis for the caption.

Mental Ray, then... Mental Ray. This is a fast sculpture I made by Rorschach von Watchmen.... modelled in Brush and renders in 3D Max with Mental Ray. Hello, I've been working on this profile for a couple of month now, for the show I just used one of my old faces and did a few changes. basic texts were drawn in zip ush 3. 1 using Project Mapper and Painting, later I used maxon's Auto Body painting and Photo Shop to draw more detail on the texts, so it was back and forth between zip ush 3. 1 and Auto Body painting for all cards. placement and pump map were made from zip ush 3.

Brows were made with Mayan paint effects. OK, here's the nature picture and I'll put in the iguana stereoscopic modell... this one was made in Iguana, Zbrush & Photoshop. Then we had to go through the Sarasota urban area and take our lives, then take the pictures we had drawn, and make an excessive sketch of that scenery.

It' a play modell I created for my working Title for my Action Girl 2 projects, which was cancelled after one year of work. I have been influenced by the old art of drawing, but I concentrate more on the structure and the area. I worked a long time between Maya and Zbrush, texturized in Mudbox (this one's better) and moved the illustrations in detail in Photoshop.

The matt colour is also done in Photoshop. The snakelike beast is a digitally replicated replica of a pre-historic Amphibia created for a DK up to the name " pre-historic Life ". This pre-historic replica is actually another Amphibia, although it looks more like a Limebearer. Produce Diatryma, a 2m big hen that followed the miniature horse of his day, for Dk's forthcoming song "Prehistoric Life".

DK's forthcoming book "Prehistoric Life" is about to experience real recovery.

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