Use Creattica to create your website, a mobile WordPress theme with a left sidebar and a left menu. Creattica's latest tweets (@creattica). Creattica logos: your source of design inspiration.


Creattica's linkside side bar with linkside menus provide a fast, agile and adaptable design that can be used for lifestyles, fashions, health, wellness, cultural, travel, artists or face-to-face web sites. Using high-performance user-defined Widgets, the design gives you more versatility and usability for your website. Topicupport is available at You can also use the topic guides at and the demonstration at for a more detailed look.

Topic characteristics (Free & Premium)

Use Creattica to build your website, a WordPress portable themed website with a side bar on the top right and a menubar on the bottom right. Creattica's sleek styling is ideal for blogging, dining, small business, professional, life style and healthcare. Creattica is plugin compliant, fast to set up and simple to customise, so you can concentrate on creating your own personal website.

The Creattica comes with the beloved Font Awesome 605 symbol font libraries that can be used throughout the entire topic in both Widgets and Options Panels. The Creattica features a number of broadget areas that make it easier for you to add your contents to different areas of your website. Define your logotype to show your page title, your logotype image, or both, along with a small one-line inscription.

Fully compliant with the plug-in, Creattica even provides custom ization to expand your shop experience. Choose different side bar layouts for different areas of your website. Adjust your posts/pages/archives so that they show one, two or no sidebars (full width). Simply customize the colour of your website directly from the option panel of the website to suit your mark.

Use widgets and one of the 9 layout options to make the footers. Scroll controls are fast and touch-friendly (slide with stylus and drag). to view the custom widgets in motion and all the different ways they are used to view contents. and use them. Strong options panel in the back end gives you the agility to set up your website in just a few moments.

You can use the standard settings or change them to take full command of your site. At Creattica, we follow the best programming practice to ensure that your website is rugged, safe, and interoperable with most WordPress plug-ins. Effortlessly build sub topics and change everything from contents to layouts with a variety of action and hook available throughout the topic.

The Creattica offers outstanding performance thanks to its high-performance, consistently slim, inflatable-free codes. With Creattica Premium, you can pick different colours for different areas of your website. The built-in Google Font Libraries lets you find the typefaces that fit the character of your site, with over 600 choices to make. With Creattica Premium, you can make any number of slide bars with any number of thumbnails.

These shortcuts were developed for Creattica and are very well incorporated into the Creattica coding to shorten load time and maximize throughput! You can use shortcuts to include pushbuttons, slider controls, tabbed pages, switches, column, fraction, symbol, list, and many more custom theme and page layouts. Just click on the "Add short code" icon, choose the option in the pop-up window and click on "Insert".

Make more than one target page on your website. To say nothing of the fact that you can always link to different parts of a long page and add them to your page by hand. With Creattica Premium, you can view your postal archive in 3 different ways, one of which is a mosaic-like similar to what you see in Interestest.

Individual Widget, developed and created specifically for the Creattica Premier themes, gives you the freedom to add stylised work. The Creattica Premier comes with many extra Premier backgrounds. Choose from a selection of over 475 symbols for your primary navigational menus left. Open picture hyperlinks on your website with the integrated light box in Creattica Premier.

Adjust your 404 error page by attaching customized messages and pictures just like on a normal WordPress page. An easy pull & droop user-interface allows you to simply build and maintain carousels. All you need is a few mouse clicks and you can import/export your administrator control panels directly from the back end. Simply add any section of your Java script to your headers without changing the source codes.

It will help you include Google Analytics, Adsense or other user-defined scripting in your work. Creattica Premium is delivered with well-organized LESS style sheet data for the primary style sheet. Customize your design with your own style sheet directly from the frontend. Obtain immediate fixes for your topic as soon as it is published - to ensure that your website will work with the latest WordPress releases for years to come.

Do you need help getting Creattica up and running? Upgrade to Creattica Premium and receive priority forumsupport. It is up to you to use the topic throughout the whole product design process. The subject you're talking about comes with a lifetime licence. That means you still get full topic lifetime update. On how many domain names can I use the design?

But if you choose that the topic is not right for you, send us an e-mail and we will review it. Topics of prime importance have top priorities for our assistance. Our help for our customers includes all kinds of issues that range from basic topic install issues to small customizations and submenu setup.

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