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Then give us access to your WordPress administrator and FTP. The Cs Page Builder does not work. Hello Suraj, this may sound like a plug-in problem. You must clear all your coaches after you have disabled your plug-ins. When it fixes the problem, try reactivating your plug-ins one by one until the problem recurs.

Using this method helps to determine which plug-in is responsible for the problem.

As soon as we know this, we can look at what could cause the clash and either resolve the issue or help you find an alternate plug-in.

Theme:: CS Page Builder is completely confused.

So I went to make some changes and saw that the Page Builder UI style was all mixed up. Try to test for a plug-in issue. This can be done by disabling all third-party plug-ins and seeing if the issue persists. Once it is resolved, you know that a plug-in is causing the issue, and you can isolate the issue by re-enabling it individually.

Otherwise, delete all of your widgets, changes to templates, and other adjustments in the Customizer and Cornerstone, as well as your custom style sheets, Javascript, and more. Then give us your WordPress administrator and FTP account. Hello, after I checked your cornerstone on my side, it seems to be okay.

Twenty-five fantastic Shortcodes & Page Builder plug-ins for WordPress

Many great short codes and page builder plug-ins are available that are perfectly suited to spice up your website without the risks of having to redo everything when you change topics.

Beneath you'll find a good mixture of free and great short code and page creation features, so take a look at each one! First, we bury ourselves in short codes. Sophisticated plug-ins that make the addition of customized contents to your postings and pages airy. It' never been easier to add button, tab, toggle, link and more!

It contains a variety of speed dials for button, switch, tab, highlight, and more. All of these make it simple to build customized postings and pages, regardless of which WordPress design you use. It is also continuously upgraded to work well with the latest WordPress release! It' a great and 100% free plug-in that you should be installing today!

The Symple shortcuts offer a very simple user interface for click and paste of your shortcuts on each page and can also be integrated into the Visual Composer Page Builder plug-in (included free of charge in the Complete theme), so you can even use the shortcuts via your drag & drop system. CodeCanyon's Vision Short Codes is a fantastic short code plug-in that makes adding and using short codes very simple.

This plug-in inserts a single paste pushbutton into your WordPress editing tool, so all you have to do is click to attach an accordion, badge, column, partition, case cap, icon, price table, testimonial and more. KeyCodes Pro is a free and handy short code plug-in available on WordPress.org. It makes it easier to generate shortcuts, adding TinyMCE-rich shortcut editing keys for your shortcuts to paste into your postings, and adding shortcut tag in thedmin area.

It is a great plug-in, and since it's free, there's really no need not to get it. The GT Short Codes is an easily usable short codes plug-in. Featuring all the short code choices, variation, styles, colours and more, there are a lot of short code choices. It is also fast reacting, so you can add blocks of offers, symbols, diagrams, Google Spreadsheets, Google Cards, highlighted items, advertising banners or any other short form that it reacts with the remainder of your WordPress topic.

Keycodes Ultimate is a free short-code plug-in with over 30 keycodes that are instantly usable. It is a great free plug-in with lots of useful shortcuts for boxing, clicking a button, tabbing, etc. and special shortcuts to add a level sliders, carousels or a user-defined galleries. Style with Short Codes is a great addition to the great product.

Contains over 100 shortcuts (including badges, quotation marks, community bookmarking/sharing, alerts and more) and a short code creator. It comes with a built-in light box, user-defined PostScript capability, and a short code insertion utility. It is a great plug-in for someone who doesn't know CSS/PHP/Java but wants to use their own style choices.

ZillaShortcode from ThemeZilla is a fantastic free short code plug-in plug-in feature. When you are in the Editors, all you need to do is click the "z" symbol to open a full listing of links that you can add to your page or posting. It contains a number of useful shortcuts and is fully compliant with any topic.

The WordPress shortcuts have over 100k user worldwide, and for good reasons. A nice and free WordPress plug-in with many useful shortcuts for warnings, cards, badges and more. In addition, it's simple to append shortcuts using the shortcut editor's light box, which allows you to append your contents or make short code options (by appending parameters) before inserting them.

Intense Short Codes plug-in is a favorite short code plug-in from CodeCanyon. There are 45 fantastic shortcuts in the plug-in that let you customize your postings and pages with shadow, timeline, map and more. In addition, the plug-in can be integrated into the Visual Composer Page Builder plug-in below. The Arconix is a free plug-in for the speed-dial library on WordPress.org.

There are 8 styles shortcuodes, 5 utilities shortcuodes and 5 column support. It' s ideal if you only need a few user-defined style/utility choices, and if you know a little coding, the developers have made it easy to customize the plugins stylesheet if you can/want to.

Well, to the page creators. Any of these page or contents creators makes it simple for you to design customized page lays. That way, if your design wasn't delivered with a page design you want, you can easily do it! The Visual Composer is an easy-to-use page builder plug-in that allows you to construct nice pages by drag & drop and drop your module to the position you want.

It also contains contents breaks (the equivalents of shortcodes) for everything from Google Spreadsheets and soft symbols to trumpets and tabbed pages. It is a great plug-in based on the jQuery UI frameworks and Twitter bootstrap, so you know it has a powerful kernel. WordPress and it is definitely a must (and if you are considering using a themes topic, the plug-in is already contained in the themesmework - yay!).

The plug-in contains a great front-end previewer so you can see what you are doing while adding page items. Elegant Page Builder is a neat and simple to use page builder plug-in. It' s conceived to work with any topic (not just elegant designs). In order to attach a modul to a contribution or page, just drop it onto your screen, customize the preferences and resize it by expanding the canister.

The Elegant Shortcodes plug-in also allows you to use this plug-in smoothly for all your styling needs. SiteOrigin's Page Builder is a free WordPress plug-in with almost 500K user (wow!). The Builder uses a widget that can be dragged and dropped to create beautiful multi-column layout. It works with the Widgets you already have and will add more that you will probably find useful (Gallery, Pictures, Video, Post-Loop, Buttons, Callouts, Lists, Prices and References).

WPZoom ZOOM Builder is a great page builder plug-in that lets you build your own page layout without the hassle of learning it. Just use the Builder to move page items to their place using dragging and dropping. It'?s so simple. In addition, the plug-in is highly reactive, so all your user-defined layout looks good on any machine.

The MotoPress is a WordPress plug-in. This plug-in works by substituting the standard WordPress editing tool when it is used. In this way, you can use all the great page features of MotoPress to build user-defined layout - either from the backend or from the front-end editors. WR Page Builder is a free WordPress plug-in that is a basic and versatile page builder that uses shortcuts to easily build user-defined page layout.

Note that the Drag&Drop page creator has many integrated page items, but also WordPress Widget support that you have already used. The free Live Composer allows you to visualize pages at the frontend of your WordPress setup. Live Composer WordPress Plug-in includes a user-defined module panel that lets you add and modify page module such as text, blogs, galeries, testimonials, employees, and more.

That makes it easier for any users to design their own page layout in just a few moments! CodeCanyon Awesome Builder is a multifunctional page builder that contains page dragging and dropping components and its own sets of shortcuts. That makes the creation of your own contributions and pages even more agile.

plug-in you can integrate any WordPress widget into your design and simultaneously lay outs for desktop, tablet and phone use. Free PageBuilder WordPress plug-in is a great way to quickly and simply design page lays without having to be a web programmer or web designer. When you can move a widget using drag-and-drop, you can recreate a new page outline.

In addition, the plug-in is over 3000 WordPress.org Widget compatibility, so you can easily include more page layout choices when you need them. Ether Content Builder works with any WordPress topic and provides a wide range of functions for creating your own articles and pages. You can use the optical componist to move the built-in broadgets wherever you want using either Drag-and-drop (or third-party) technology.

Featuring fast response features, gridsliders, headers, Rich Text, price charts, share button, and more, this is a really great plug-in. The PlugiNedit is a free WordPress plug-in with which you can generate your own layout. This plug-in gives you all the advantages of an HTML editing tool, plus you can draw items by dragging, dropping, and dragging layers to customize pages.

It also supports fast response, adaptable, smooth and solid laidouts. Contentbuilder is a useful page builder plug-in. Modify your postings and pages with drag-and-drop features for your page pages to include your own page style, galleries, tabs, video, Google Map, headers, partitions, text, or pictures. Aqua Page Builder is a free WordPress plug-in that gives you the ability to build your own WordPress page template.

Just use the simple drag and drop editors to build your own customized page layout and save it as a page style. Then, when you start creating a new page, just choose your own layout to use! Have I missed a plug-in that I absolutely must have?

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