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Although these are free simple CSS templates, these templates offer you pixel-perfect design. Further bugs in "Design Submission" were also fixed and we would like to thank our advertiser Free CSS Templates OWD Management. Please visit this designer at freecsstemplates.org for support, templates and more.

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Dual columns and fix width layouts. Complete submission Applicable *HTML 1.0 Strict! and applicable css. CSS free of charge. This is a two-column fixed width format. Buisness topic with cyan colours, this templates is applicable *HTML 1.0 Strict! and applicable css! This is a very nice blog-like pattern with clear background, which gives it a glassy effect.

One of my favorites is this one. Can be used as a company site and has CSS 2.1 Levels & XHTML 1.0 Strict Validations credential. Plain but professionally looking designs with blues and greys. Nice CSS artwork in CSS color with prowess.

It' a two-column, solid CSS templates for small web sites and blog posts.

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Fast reaction temlate in turquoise colour pattern. The Retina is characterised by an appealing design, a clear look and elegant jQuery effect. Free-of-charge, fast-reacting templates in a deep colour pattern. Digital is a CSS submission that is ideal for high-tech businesses. You can download the HTML, CSS and JS source files for free! Reactive CSS artwork in ecru colour schemes.

This is a website submission that can be used to create a custom website for you. You can download the HTML, CSS and JS documents for free! CSS free of charge in bright oranges. Web site templates ideal for building a café and dining website. You can download the HTML, CSS and JS source code for free!

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